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What can I do about Sleeping with Bronchitis?

I am asthmatic & pretty much grew up with bronchitis, so what I can suggest is the following:

a) Support yourself on pillows or sleep in a recliner so that gravity might help keep the blockage going down rather than up
b) Use a humidifier whenever you sleep. They manufacture a number of great varieties nowadays where one can place a menthol connection in front of the vent which will help you inhale and exhale.
c) Drink up hot chamomile tea before going to sleep. It’s going to soothe your throat and additionally make it easier to get to sleep.
d) Have a warm bath or shower before going to sleep. The vapor will help open up your air passages. Addititionally there is this particular new product known as Shower Soothers which you can put in the base of your shower that adds menthol to the hot vapor, and once more, that truly will help you breathe.

These tips might not automatically remove your coughing, however they are going to help make life much easier up until the infection goes away completely. If you get desperate or quite sick it’s also possible to obtain a steriod shot from your physician which will completely remove the infection.

Something else you can ask your doctor is to get a codeine cough syrup. Codeine will cure your sleep problems as well as supress your coughing simultaneously because it is both a depressent and antissutive.

Thanks to JinTexax and Unknown for the answer.

One Comment

  1. thanks I’m goin threw this now thanks for the info

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