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What is Somniphobia

Get A Clear Picture Of Somniphobia

The word “Somniphobia” may be new to you, but once, you learn what actually somniphobia is, then you may feel familiarity with this condition. Basically, it is called to a condition in which a person feels a sense of fear to sleep. In this condition, one does not want to fall asleep. Sometimes, somniphobia shows up some symptoms of depression or anxiety disorder. Thus, to treat up somniphobia, one should treat underlying fear first. Main treatment options for somniphobia include meditation, psychotherapy and counseling.

Causes Of Somniphobia

Like most of the health disorders, somniphobia also occurs due to particular causes. Once, you get through these causes, and then the treatment will get easier. There are variety of factors that cause somniphobia include work pressure, traumatic incident in life, fear from surrounding or individuals and so on. Sometimes, environmental elements also cause somniphobia that include darkness in sleeping room etc. So, if any of these elements discourage you to sleep, then somehow you suffer from somniphobia.

Somniphobia & Study About Symptoms

The person who suffers from somniphobia often encourages some particular symptoms. These symptoms include mouth dryness, restlessness, confusion and breathlessness. Analyzing several patients of somniphobia, it is seen that those patients usually feel a deep fear to sleep and due to their fear, they do not feel ease when sleeping. It leads them to anxiety, depression and severe sleep disorder. In some patients, fear of control loss, fear of death or sometimes, fear of never wake up from sleep etc. are few fear factors that encourage the problem of somniphobia in them.

Abnormal Fear Of Sleep

How To Treat Somniphobia

The best way to get rid of somniphobia is to treat it at its initial stage because later it will be hard to deal with it. It can be treated with the help of meditation, counseling and psychotherapy. In some cases, medication can also do wonders, but it depends on the severity of the disorder. However, it is certain that medication cannot solve the issue from root. Apart of any treatment, talking to a friend or a dear one will also be very useful in reducing the problems of somniphobia.

Assertiveness Is Essential To Develop

Generally, a patient with somniphobia fills with a thought of negativity and that is why; try developing assertiveness in that patient to get him or her relief from the problems of this disorder. When a patient gets a feeling of being alone, then don’t let that person sleep alone. Ask anyone to sleep with him or her. For relaxation of mind, read a book or do meditation because it will benefit the patient and help him or her to sleep. If somniphobia will not get treated perfectly, then it leads a person to insomnia which is a severe sleep disorder.