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Why Are Teens Always Tired

Find Out Why Teens Often Feel Tired

Mostly, teens complaint for being tired most of the time. This feeling does not let teens to concentrate on their work or studies, but they only want to get to sleep. What is the mystery behind this issue? It is truly necessary to know and that is a reason, most of the parents are looking to find out the reasons for which their teens feel tiring. Somehow, there would be a relationship with internal body clock or their genes. Internal body clock exists in every human being and it influences sleep cycles, hormonal changes and body temperature. In human body, there are some psychological and biological processes that keep on flowing for 24 hours and these processes are referred as circadian rhythm.

DSPS & Teens

When a person does not get in to his or her teen age, the circadian rhythm insist them to fall asleep naturally around 8-9 at night. But, those puberty changes that occur in teens by internal clock delay this timing in teens. Due to these changes, their sleeping time extends to 11 in the night and sometimes more. Apart from internal clock effects, sometimes internal body clock gets disrupted by late night parties or studies. Though, they start sleeping late, but due to their schools or collage timings, they have to wake up early morning. This way they don’t get enough sleep and ultimately, they start feeling tired whole day.

Teens Complaint For Being Tired Most Of The Time

Causes Of DSPS & Its Symptoms In Teens

Those teens who ever experience DSPS and its symptoms often feel problems while onset puberty period. The main reason for DSPS is genetic factors which influence suprachiasmatic nucleus. It exists in hypothalamus in the brain. It is estimated that today around 5 to 10 percent teens are suffering from DSPS. DSPS can be diagnosed with several symptoms that include:

  • Feeling excited in evening time
  • Insomnia or problem in falling asleep
  • Sleepiness in daytime
  • Tiredness
  • Poor Academic grades
  • Stress or depression
  • Least interest in school.

Other Issues Consist To DSPS

DSPS is one of the most critical disorder in teens because it leads teens to severe psychiatric and medical conditions. There are different distinctions in DSPS types and symptoms; therefore the treatment is also different. Most of the teens do not find enough sleep and if your teen age child also has this problem, then getting tips for teen sleep improvement can help them. There are some major and severe sleep disorder associated with DSPS like restless legs syndrome, insomnia and sleep apnea which require quick medical assistance. Apart of it, DSPS can cause several psychiatric issues like depression, anxiety and stress.

Way Of  Treatment And Diagnosis Of DSPS

If you see above mentioned symptoms in your teens and are perfectly sure that your child has DSPS problem, then firstly start observing sleep and wakefulness via actigraphy. This is a small device that records each movement to collect information. This information helps the doctor to analyze the severity of DSPS in your children. This way, he can suggest better and the most accurate treatment for your teens.