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Zeo Personal Sleep Manager Review

The adults are deprived of the recommended range of seven to nine hours of sleep. It is said that one in five adults in US get only four to five hours of sleep per night. There are those too who wake up tired even after getting enough 6-8 hours of sleep.  National Sleep Foundation has given a report which says that the American population spends $20B – $22B on the products or medication designed to help them sleep better. Now, with the Zeo Personal Sleep Manager you can record your regular sleep patterns with how much restorative sleep you are getting everyday.

Contents Of A Zeo Personal Sleep Manager

  • A lightweight wireless headband
  • A bedside display
  • Context Wheel
  • Power Adapter
  • SD Memory Card
  • Card Reader
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Headband Basics Guide
  • Meet Zeo Reference Manual
  • Sleep Journal

How It Measure Unique Sleep Patterns Of An Individual

Zeo wireless headband is based on a SaftWave sensor technology that effectively measures the sleep patterns of the person during the sleep. Sleep patterns are recorded through the electrical signals naturally produced by the brain. These data wirelessly are transmitted to the bedside display. The display has capacity to store up two weeks of data on its SD memory card. The sleep discovery of zeo doesn’t stop here. With this SD card and the USB adopter you can anytime upload your sleep pattern records at myzeo personal coaching website to uncover your individual sleep trends.

Zeo Personal Sleep Manager

Basic Features:

  • Zeo shows how you pass through the different levels of sleep with its adjustable and lightweight SoftWave™sensor headband.
  • Zeo gives you a personal sleep score with a graph of your various sleep levels over the course of last night.
  • The bedside display compares the last night’s sleep patterns with the previous nights.
  • It has an optional SmartWake alarm feature that disallows the grogginess associated with waking up from a deep sleep.
  • The Zeo sleep journal allows the user the record environmental, lifestyle or other factors that may disrupt sleep.
  • With sleep journal you learn about the 7 sleep stealer that affect your sleep data each day.
  • Zeo’s online tools help you understand your ZQ
  • The personalized sleep coaching program provide you customized strategies to help you achieve your sleep goals
  • Personalized sleep coaching program also offer personalized e-mails that incorporate customized sleep tips.
  • The Zeo Sleep Manager mobile app is also available that is designed for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Zeo Personal Sleep Manager

Why Only Zeo?

  • Are you getting that sound sleep required to be best of your health?
  • Does it take long to fall asleep even after going to bed on time?
  • Are you looking for something that could gauge your sleep patterns and point out what factors affecting it?
  • You want to improve your sleep quality and want a better night rest?

Zeo with its web-based tools helps you see how you have slept through the night. With this tool you are able to know the quality and quantity of your sleep and the associated reasons. With Zeo you get your ZQ  – a number that measure the quality and quantity of your sleep by calculating the total amount of your sleep by subtracting or adding the amount of disruptive sleep and deep sleep you get throughout the night. These calculation help you analyze and improve your sleep. The personal sleep coach of Zeo works on the factors that negatively affects sleep.

Positive And Negative Comments From Amazon And Verdict


Zeo Personal Sleep Manager Buyer Feedback Chart

Extracts Of The Positive Comments:

“I’ve been challenged by sleep issues for over 38 years. I’ve been to a sleep clink, multiple “sleep” doctors, tried meds from my general practitioner, etc. and nothing seemed to work…. I’ve been using the Zeo regularly for five months now and it’s made a massive difference in my quality of life…The Zeo can help you really figure out in great detail what is going on for you personally with your sleep.”

“I am 57 year old man with severe, complex sleep apnea. I sleep with a CPAP machine. I have found the ZEO to be an excellent tool to help me monitor and understand my sleep.”

“The headband is ergonomic and not noticeable while you are asleep. The smart wake feature – which wakes you up during light sleep in a 30 minute window that you set – helps me feel significantly better when I wake up. But the most useful part is seeing my sleeping pattern on a graph.”

Extracts From The Negative Comments:

“Feels much different than a “30-day no risk trial” that they spoke about on their site. Thought I would warn folks about this….”

“Nice product, very clean design, looks to work pretty nice but might be enhanced ! why should I take a memory card out of it to upload files of data to a website ? we are in a modern time where everything is wireless so why isn’t there WiFi in the box so it uploads automatically data on website !”

Zeo Personal Sleep Manager Review Final Results

My final verdict on Zeo Personal Sleep Manager is the device is really good, it reveals your sleep patterns and helps you find ways to improve your sleep. It is very interesting to see what is going on inside the brain. The great thing about the product is that it allows the sleep quality to be evaluated in multiple ways. The negative comment say that their “30-day no risk trial” is different than it is claimed at the website. I would say that it is unfortunate that it happened with few people as the company always got positive feedback on there customer support as well as on their money back guarantee.

The Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile App Is Designed For iPhone And Android Smartphones Too

It tracks and improves the quality of your sleep on your iPhone and Android smartphones too.  Its technology and features are similar to the Zeo bedside device that enables you to get the best analysis of your sleep and how you can manage to have a non-disrupted quality sleep.

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