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3 Foods to Prevent Insomnia

Sleep disorders can be caused by several different factors. In fact, the types of food a person consumes can also be a cause for the development of sleep disorders. As one of the most common type of sleep disorders, insomnia, it has been proven that there are specific types of foods that can aggravate insomnia for people who are already suffering from insomnia and may sometimes cause the development of insomnia. In fact, insomnia has been greatly associated with a person’s current lifestyle and diet. And if you suspect that your insomnia and other sleep disorders symptoms are aggravated by your current diet, seek medical help from your physician or doctor.

Diet and Sleep Disorders

Chocolates Can Induce Insomnia

Let’s admit it, we usually tend to munch and eat foods that are not healthy for our body. In fact, most people love eating foods that are not allowed for them to eat. In sleep disorders, especially insomnia, there are a lot of different foods that can aggravate symptoms of insomnia and may sometimes cause for the development of insomnia. A healthy diet will not just help in treating sleep disorders and improve symptoms of insomnia, it can also help in improving your overall health.

Natural Management of Sleep Disorders: 3 Foods to Can Induce Insomnia

  1. Refined or Processed Carbohydrates, such as sweeteners, white flour, refined corn syrup, beverages with sweeteners, cupcakes, cakes, burgers, etc., can induce insomnia. Refined carbohydrates drain the body of Vitamin B, which is essential in the release of the hormone serotonin. If serotonin is deficient in the body, it can cause a person to stay wide awake every night, since it can cause tension, fear, and also depression.
  2. Alcohol is one of the most common culprit in sleep disorders, especially insomnia. If people think that alcohol can help them relax and sleep well at night, it really can’t. Wines, beers, and spirits can cause a person to stay up at night, especially when a person drinks more than one serving. Yes, alcohol can make you tired and sleepy at first, but during the middle of your sleep, you are most likely to awaken and have a hard time falling back to sleep.
  3. Chocolate is an all-time favorite by most of us. If you love eating chocolates, then you will just have to stop eating it during nighttime. Chocolates contain compounds, like tyramine and phenylethylamine, which can elevate energy levels. Aside from those compounds, chocolates also contain sugar and caffeine, which are 2 of the most famous culprits in the development of insomnia and other sleep disorders.

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