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30 Great Sleep Tips | What Can Help Me Sleep?

Sleep Tips For Insomnia And Sleep Deprivation

A lot of people are struggling with insomnia, sleep deprivation and sleeping in general. For some people who have a serious medical issue these sleep tips  could maybe lessen the pain, but all the others who have just mild issues or stress or other theses sleep tips should be able to really help you to sleep. In this article I want to give everyone a huge number of ways to answer the question: “What can help me sleep?”.

Sleep Tips: 30 Excellent Things to Answer “What Can Help Me Sleep?”

In no particular order:

  1. Try reading a book, but be warned if you selected a very interesting book you may stay up all night
  2. Go to a different room or a different place if someone there is snoring loudly or making other noises
  3. One very good sleep tip is – do not eat before you are supposed to sleep
  4. Avoid stimulating chemicals like caffeine which are easily found in green tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc
  5. Exercise during the day to make yourself tired
  6. But don’t exercise few hours before sleep because you will get very excited
  7. Don’t take naps during the day (or just take maximum 1 very short one like a siesta)
  8. Avoid watching too much TV or sitting too much in front of the computer – all that light not only keeps you up like a zombie but also makes it harder to sleep, because we are biologically supposed to sleep as the darkness comes when the sun sets
  9. Give your body good food during the day so it works well and can sleep properly instead of having a huge disaster inside dealing with all the junk and toxins you put in it
  10. Take a warm shower
  11. Keep the temperature of where you sleep low or very low – we don’t sleep well in warm rooms
  12. Another great sleep tip – stick to the same sleeping and waking times –  this will teach your body over months and years just like we teach animals
  13. Avoid drinking too much water or liquids near the bed time so you don’t have to wake up to go to the bathroom
  14. Medicine: Buy / use melatonin
  15. Don’t do exciting things right before your sleep time (sex is ok for men as they get very sleepy (chemicals) but this works different for women who do not have the same reaction)
  16. Learn to leave your office problems back in the office when you drive home – all those people who dwell on those problems have issues sleeping
  17. Meditation, another one best sleeping tips – Meditate and fully relax yourself and you will discover you fell asleep
  18. Be a good person – if you do evil things then you will stress about them at night and also other people are likely to have insulted you or taken revenge which you will also be thinking about at night
  19. Medicine: Buy / use valerian root
  20. Avoid having bright lights around the house in the evening – use dimmer lights. Bright lights act like the sun and tell the body it is daytime
  21. Reduce noise in the place where you sleep as much as possible
  22. A little bit of alcohol (1 or half glass) can relax you to sleep – too much of it will make you excited. Wine and beer work better than vodka.
  23. Certain herbs can help you sleep, Google about herbs and teas which help you sleep (passion fruit tea)
  24. Use a lavender spray or lavender aromatherapy
  25. Use foam ear plugs if there is a lot of noise around which you can do nothing about
  26. Have some warm milk
  27. Go lay in a warm bath and relax with or without relaxing music. This has also a similar effect like the shower but you will also be relaxed as well as warm
  28. Make a kind of a ritual like wearing pyjamas – you teach yourself then when you wear that specific thing it is time to sleep so your body learns to associate the bed and those cloths with sleep
  29. Change your clocks to digital – the older style clocks are super famous at keeping people awake with their tick tack
  30. Have a fresh nice bed – everyone loves the feeling to get into a “brand new” bed

What Can Help Me Sleep? Laying down and can’t fall asleep.

So if you were asking “What can help me sleep?” I hope that now you have all the answers and even more than what you were looking for. Enjoy your sleep!