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7 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

Lack of sleep is a result of things or activities you do before going to sleep. Many people have trouble in getting proper sleep every night because of different reasons such as exercise, stress, diet and a few others. It is important that you should know what things you should not do before bed.

1. Working close to bedtime

Working until its bedtime can stimulate your brain and can create a lot of stress, resulting difficulty in getting sound sleep. It is important that you must have adequate time to de-stress and relax before going to sleep. For that you have to give yourself enough time and stop working close to bedtime because for a good sleep you brain needs to relax completely.

2. Drink beverages before bed

Reading exciting stories should be avoided before going to sleep

Many people are in a habit of waking up at the midnight going to the toilet. This disturbs the sleep cycle because after that it takes some time to get back to sleep. For that you need to avoid as much as fluid you can avoid before going to bed. Drinks, especially caffeinated must be avoided completely during some hours going to bed. This will stimulate your brain and you will be able to sleep peacefully.

3. TV, internet and other electric devices

Watching TV, browsing the internet and other such things can affect your sleep to a large extent. The usage of these electrical devices can be negative on your sleep as well as on your health. This is because the lights and colors coming from the screen of these devices stop the melatonin production. Melatonin is a sleep educing hormone that controls the clock of our body in the brain. This is also responsible for slowing down the process of sleeping.

4. Constant worry

Before going to bed, it is important to leave all the stress and worries behind. If you worry about anything, then you won’t get quality sleep because your brain is working and you won’t be able to fall asleep. To make it easier write your stress details in a diary and try to sleep without stressing your brain much

5. Have serious discussions

There is a popular phrase ‘do not go to bed angry.’ This phrase is completely correct as according to the research, sleeping after a fight or argument will preserve your emotions till the time you awake. So it is important to solve the conflicts before going to bed.

 6. Read gripping stories

Reading engrossing stories should be avoided before going to sleep. This allows the reader to wake up for late hours telling yourself just one more page. No doubt reading book is a very interesting task to execute, but it also affects your sleep cycle.

7. Exercise

Exercise is an important activity for your overall health. Though, it contributes to a proper sleep but if you work out within three hours before sleeping, then it will raise the body temperature, making sleep difficult.

Poor concentration level, tiredness, sleepy during the day are some of the  common effects of sleep deprivation. A restful of sleep is mandatory for overall good health. Make sure that you take enough sleep, every night.