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Advantages of CPAP Therapy upon Regular Usage

While you may think that the only advantage of CPAP therapy is breathing freely and continuously throughout the night i.e. as a cure for sleep apnea (a medical condition where you will stop breathing multiple times in a single night), in truth scientists have found that by regularly using CPAP therapy, you will gain a lot of other advantages in terms of general health and fitness.

The Advantages of CPAP Therapy

Use CPAP Regularly and Gain a Host of Advantages

Scientists from AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) a world class hospital cum research centre have from their research on CPAP therapy and sleep apnea patients found that upon regular usage:

1.The blood pressure of the patients dropped by a good amount.

  • Systolic blood pressure was found to drop by 3.9mmHg
  • Diastolic blood pressure was found to drop by 2.5mmHg

2.Surprisingly it was also found that the amount of cholesterol in the body was also lowered.

  • Total cholesterol was found to have been lowered by 13.3mg/decilitre
  • LDL cholesterol by 9.6mg/decilitre

3.Fat content: It was also found that the overall fat content in the abdomen was lowered.

4.Lastly it was found that the amount of plaques, found in the arteries leading to the brain, were reduced.

The study which has been published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” shows the importance of using CPAP regularly if you suffer from sleep apnea. So make sure to use the CPAP machine regularly and you will gain the many advantages of CPAP therapy.