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Asleep in the Office

If you have ever worked in an office chances are you have seen someone or even yourself asleep in the office or a condition close to it called “the zombie state” where the person is miraculously able to automatically carry on his or her job while the mind is somewhere in a completely different place.

Of course someone asleep in the office is a funny thing and most importantly it gives everyone a whole new topic to talk about for the next unforeseeable future, something precious to take day after day to different colleagues and have a laugh, but if someone would look closely at it, it is actually a very sad failure of our society.

Asleep at the Office: Truly Funny?

Man asleep at the office

More closely to home, for the person who has been asleep at the office or walking around like a zombie it may be important to find out that you are literally killing yourself and this is technically true because you are in this condition due to not having or not being able to have proper quality and duration of sleep and simply said, when we sleep, that is the only time our body does some major cell repair and regeneration work and cutting hours from that means less new cells, more cell damage, faster aging, weaker immune system and so much more that it becomes far from funny.

Looking at the Sleepy Person from the Outside

Make a little imaginary exercise. Pretend you step out of your body and look at yourself – what would an objective outsider see? The observer would see a person who is doing something he or she does not enjoy every single day, killing the body every day and

in exchange getting some green coloured paper. Sounds like madness. No sane intelligent alien arriving on Earth would comprehend such a thing. Why did I say doing something you do not enjoy? I say that because if you loved it you would be full of adrenaline which is a stimulant, which would counteract partially the sleepiness.

Sleepiness Your Choice or Not?

What is also important is if you fell asleep in the office because you were out or stayed up until late at night doing something fun or work too many hours to provide for family or reach your dreams or if it is a consequence of some kind of a sleep disorder.

Man asleep in the audience

In the first case you are consciously damaging your own body and over time, a healthy and intelligent person would find his or her way to this knowledge and take measures to stop this. If not then simply aging takes care of partying or excess work as the body is simply not able to handle the stress anymore, but do you really want to burn out to learn the lesson?

In the case of being sleepy because of one or another sleep disorder that you may have then you are unconsciously taking the actions to hurt yourself, because the vast majority of these disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, sleep deprivation, insomnia, circadian rhythm disruptions, etc, all can be treated in many cases up to 100%. Moreover, there is information completely free for you on websites like this and others which allow certain conditions to be treated by yourself just with home remedies without even going to the doctor. All it takes is some research on your side.

Final Words on Being Asleep at the Office

So if you find yourself or your colleague or your family or friends in a situation of falling asleep at the office or any other location then sure, have a laugh to start with, but then be strong enough as a person to advice or take steps yourself to actually correct the situation – you would literally be saving years of your or the other’s life and what’s more precious than life?