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Can Insomnia Be an Early Symptom of Pregnancy?

Insomnia during pregnancy is very common. This is caused due to the combination of hormones and unhelpful conditions of pregnancy, such as leg cramps, frequent urination, pre-birth anxiety and regular heartburn during pregnancy. The early period of pregnancy affects the woman’s body and she may suffer many changes simultaneously, insomnia is one of them. Insomnia during pregnancy is an inability to sleep and it generally happens during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnant Women

Insomnia During Pregnancy In Different Trimester

  • First Trimester: The first trimester of pregnancy involves numerous changes that affect the body of the women. Some of these can develop after conception and some can be undermined sleep in pregnancy, resulting symptoms of Insomnia.
  • 10 week pregnancy: A 10 week pregnant woman spends her time, mostly in sleeping, but with frequent naps throughout the day and longer sleep duration at night. This is because of frequent awakening and the amount of sleep decreases. During this period, women complain that they are not getting proper sleep. However, in second semester, this condition tends to improve.
  • 12 week pregnancy: A woman who is 12 weeks pregnant experiences tiredness and sleepiness at the day time. However, generally sleepiness affects 37.5 percent pregnant women at six to seven weeks. The main reason for this is increasing levels of the progesterone, which is a hormone that leads to increased fragmentation of sleep. The other reasons disrupt sleep are back pain, increased appetite, morning sickness, anxiety and breast tenderness. Certainly, it is correct to say that these health issues would disturb the sleeping ability of the women, causing Insomnia.

Insomnia can be an early sign of pregnancy because of hormonal changes in the body. Women become restless and frequent waking from sleep can cause trouble in sleeping. However, insomnia during early pregnancy may cause several health troubles equally for both mother as well as child. The point that the body does not get the rest required will result in fatigue as well as subsequently, sensations of frustration and major depression, which tend to be equally detrimental to the development of the fetus inside the womb. So if you continue to manage difficulty along with sleep through the early stages of this pregnancy, it is best that you seek medical assistance from the physician who is looking after your maternity. Remember, you’ll want to give one’s body enough rest through the early development so that you will be able to cope with the physical stress involving childbirth.

Certainly, getting appropriate sleep is not very easy while you are pregnant due to numerous reasons, but a restless mind and body is unhealthy for both baby and mother. Though, there are many side effects of lack of sleep and for that getting assistance of a good physician is a good decision.