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Central Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Central sleep apnea is one of the most irritating ailments that makes your nights sleepless and your days exhausted. It is said that mostly patients suffering from central sleep apnea do not snore. Is it really like that? Can a patient suffering from central sleep apnea snore loudly or mildly? All such kinds of question are always wandering in the mind of people who are diagnosed with central sleep apnea or any other sleep apnea type.

Central sleep apnea is a central nervous system disorder. It is caused due to misinterpretation of brain signals. This type of sleep disorder is totally different from others in which a patient snores due to vibration of muscles in nose, throat or air passage.

Snoring person

I snore am I suffering from central sleep apnea?

The chances are that you might suffer from central sleep apnea however increased snoring is mostly symptom of complex or obstructive sleep apnea. However it is also found that some of the patients suffering from CPS do snore but it is very rare. Snoring is never considered as a sign of central sleep apnea.

What causes snoring in a person suffering from central sleep apnea?

As clearly known there is no obstruction in air passage way in a person suffering from central sleep apnea. Despite of this fact a few people still snore. These snores are caused due to the movement of lungs and muscles that are responsible for breathing. When our body stops breathing (this lasts for not more than 10 seconds in most of the cases however it might
increase up to 40-50 seconds) while we are asleep, there is sudden grasping and chocking. There are chances that this grasping and chocking might result in noise coming out of mouth known as snoring. However snoring in patients suffering from central sleep apnea is very very rare.