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Does central sleep apnea cause death?

Central sleep apnea is a brain issue. Our brain is the control centre of our body and it controls all of the activities without any instructions. However like all other machines there might be some issues in our brain too that can lead to mental as well as physical illnesses. Central sleep apnea is one of them. In this type of disorder there is a dwindling of the electronic signals sent by brain and thus our breathing mechanism is disturbed while we are asleep. There are various debates about whether these short intervals of shunned breathing could cause death in a person. Or is central sleep apnea responsible for the death of a person?

Central Sleep Apnea Statistics

Sleepless nights result in exhausted days. Many people could be suffering from central sleep apnea.

According to ABC news documentary millions of Americans are suffering from one or other type of sleep apnea. As a result they feel sleepy and exhausted throughout the day. In another research it was revealed that about 1900-2100 deaths are due to road accidents and most of the drivers were suffering from sleep disorder thus coping with sleepless nights. Most shocking research reveal that out of 40 million just 3% of the central sleep apnea patients are diagnosed with the disorder others are living unaware of their condition. These stats are just for America. God knows how many patients are living with this unaware of their condition.

Consequences of Low Oxygen

When body stops breathing there is a sudden decrease in oxygen level. Oxygen is very important for our cells to work properly. On the other hand level of carbon dioxide in the blood stream increases that puts an extra impact on heart. Thus it can swell the heart and there is an increased risk of stroke or even heart failure.

It is highly advised that if you are suffering from sleepless nights you must consult your doctor. It will help you sort out problem.

Self medication in central sleep apnea is not a good idea!


  1. so brain malfunctioning is central sleep apnea? or at least one of them

  2. so if you get bad news about central sleep apnea you can expect even more bad news because for example heart stroke chance goes up by a lot…