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CPAP Mask Cleaning Procedure & Schedule

CPAP Mask cleaning is very important if you plan on staying healthy while using your CPAP Mask, if you hope to use if for many years without the need for replacement.

Reason for CPAP Mask Cleaning

In anyplace which contains moisture, from different sources such as water supplies, bodily fluids and body humidity bacteria and microorganisms can grow easily. If your CPAP Mask is not cleaned regularly, these bacterial cultures will grow into large colonies which can cause many infections inside your respiratory tract and cause infections in any wounds near your mouth.

Another reason for regular cleaning is the accumulation of minerals from the water and oils from your skin which will cause a dirty stench and at times may cause the premature disintegration of your CPAP Mask.

By cleaning your CPAP mask regularly, you will ensure that you don’t suffer from any type of bacterial infections and you will also increase the life of your CPAP Mask thereby saving you money.

How to Clean the CPAP Mask

Washing the CPAP Mask

Want to stay healthy? Clean your CPAP Mask Regularly

Use only non-lotion type detergents which are mild. Make sure not to use strong detergents such as Joy which is a dis washing detergent. Also do not use detergents which contain dyes or perfumes. Some good dishwashing detergents which can be used are Palmolive, Anti-Bacteria Dial, and Ivory Clear.

Disinfection of your CPAP Mask

In a plastic container which contains 2quarts of water, add 1 tablespoon of Control III.  After washing your CPAP mask, place it in the above solution for 10 minutes; follow it up by rinsing with tap water for 3 minutes to ensure that your CPAP Mask is completely clean.

Schedule for CPAP Mask Cleaning

The CPAP Mask should be cleaned every day with mild soapy water, rinsed extensively and dried thoroughly using air. Additionally once every week, the CPAP Mask should be disinfected by following the above procedure.

Final Words on CPAP Mask Cleaning

While CPAP Mask cleaning will require a lot of time and effort from your part, it will be worth it in the end, since it will help to keep you healthy and prevent you from wasting money on a new CPAP Mask. Lastly, a clean mask which smells great and does not contain any type of greasy stains on it will be easier to use than one which smells bad, contains many stains. So clean regularly, and sleep peacefully.