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How To Clean & Care For Your CPAP

Don’t Forget About Cleanliness Of Your CPAP Mask

Cleaning CPAP mask or device is highly crucial on daily basis. By regular washing and cleaning CPAP, one can certainly succeed in eradicating dust, dirt or body oils from the masks. If you don’t consider cleaning CPAP, then it may cause several problems with the mask like leakage or bad performance of device. Therefore, to enhance the performance or functioning of CPAP masks, you should compulsorily care and clean them on regular basis.

What To Avoid For Right Cleaning CPAP Mask

For quality purpose of CPAP mask, you should wash them once in a week. For washing masks, you can use soapy water, lukewarm etc. Remember that always avoid using any solution that contains any kind of additives. Solutions containing chlorine, bleach, moisturizers or aromatics can damage the mask. Therefore, it would be better to avoid such solutions. Baby wipes or bacterial should also be avoided for cleaning CPAP mask. Mostly, the problem with wrong use of cleaning solution occurs from mask cushion and a user consequently does not find mask fit on his face.

How To Correctly Do Cleaning CPAP

The cleaning of CPAP mask should be done in such a delicate way. Any harsh solution can affect the performance of CPAP device. To wash the mask, always use soapy water. After washing properly each part of CPAP mask in soapy water, you should rinse them thoroughly. Ensure about no soap residue or detergent in the masks and keep it aside to get dry. Remember that the mask should not be kept in radiator or direct sunlight because it may lessen the life of the mask. In same way, you should wash each part of CPAP mask even the headgear.

What To Do For Perfect Cleaning CPAP

For perfect cleaning CPAP mask, you should wipe mask frame and cushion frame in fine way with water on daily basis. For cleaning them, you can use damp cloth. Don’t use any baby wipes as it has moisturizers that can collect on mask by which sealing capability of the mask gets reduced. Timely inspection of your CPAP mask is essential to ensure any kind of crack, tears or damage in your mask. In case, any component has any issue, then replace that component immediately. For proper benefits of CPAP mask, be sure about proper assembling of them because failure of this step may cause poor effectiveness of the masks.

CPAP Mask Requires Care From Users

Along with cleaning CPAP masks, you should take care of them properly. With fine care of CPAP mask, you can use them for more than 12 months. Following are few steps that you should consider to care your CPAP mask along with CPAP cleaning.

  • Regularly clean and care for each CPAP accessories and equipment.
  • With fragrance free shampoo, clean the nasal pillow or CPAP mask at least once in a week. After cleaning CPAP, you should rinse them and keep it for air dry.
  • Avoid alcohol because it breaks the mask material.
  • Make your humidifier empty and keep it in air to get dry.
  • In times, when the user is in illness, disinfect each parts and chamber of CPAP mask using white vinegar and water.