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Sleep Weaver Advance Soft Cloth CPAP Mask Review

This article is a review of the Sleep Weaver Advanced Soft Cloth CPAP Mask. I will highlight all of the positives and negative comments and give a final verdict based on my research.

Problems with a Traditional CPAP Mask

If you use a CPAP machine regularly or have just started using one, you may suffer from the following problems:

  • Infections
  • Blisters on the nose
  • Irritation
  • Swelling

The above problems are usually caused due to a defective CPAP mask. The mask which usually comes with the machine will be only the basic model. While it will suffice for the job of delivering pressurized air, it will also cause many of the above side effects.

Highlights of the Sleep Weaver Advanced Soft Cloth CPAP Mask

This mask from Sleep Weaver has the following characteristic features:

The Sleep Weaver Advanced in Use

  1. Allergy free: This mask is made of cloth and zero silicon and latex are used in the construction process. Since no synthetic materials are used, it will not act as an allergen.
  2. Gentle headgear: This mask is held onto the face by a seal which is created by the pressurized air itself. This allows you to loosenthe headgear strap which you will be forced to use for other masks.
  3. Seal is secure: Since the mask is made up of cloth, it can easily change its shape according to the individual users face. This prevents leakage of the pressurized air.
  4. Reduction of noise: Unlike other CPAP masks which cause whistling and whooshing sounds when exhaling, this mask has many holes present which allow a wider area for the air to pass out upon exhalation. This lowers the noise produced by a big amount. Additionally this will allow your breathing to be more natural and easy.
  5. Ease to clean: Since the mask is made of cloth, it is very easy to clean and maintain. You can simply place it inside your washing machine and use normal detergent to clean it. Just make sure not to use hot water since it causes the cloth to disfigure and shrink.

Extracts from Amazon Customer Feedback for the Sleep Weaver Advanced Soft Cloth CPAP Mask

  • “This mask is awesome… Once you get used to the mask lightly leaking through the fabric, it is great… I’ve have tryed them all… Full face, several nasal masks, nasal pillows and oral devices… I am a side sleeper and it works well… It is so light weight you don’t even know you have one on… This is the most comfortable one I have ever used.”
  • “Bought the mask as a replacement for the one I had for over a year…it is very comfortable to wear… It is slightly different from my old one — I like the ability to adjust the height of the mask with the velcro fastener on top of the head; my mask fits me much better… All in all I am very happy with the purchase!”

Final Verdict on the Sleep Weaver Advanced Soft Cloth CPAP Mask.

I have researched using customer feedback, forums and the internet to come to the conclusion that the Sleep Weaver Advanced Soft Cloth CPAP Mask is a good buy and worth your money. While it is costly, it performs the job for which it has been designed in an efficient manner with high efficacy. It will allow you to sleep peacefully and get up refreshed.