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CPAP Mask Problems

If you suffer from Sleep Apnea, CPAP is one of the best non-surgical treatments available in the market. But many people find it to be ineffective, because they do not wear the CPAP mask at all times. Your CPAP mask should fit you comfortably, should not cause leakage. If prolonged usage causes pain, irritation of the skin, leakage it will be due to a problem with the mask.

If you are new to using CPAP, this article will give you information on the variety of problems which you may face due to the CPAP mask, thus allowing you to make the necessary changes.

The CPAP Mask

The Various Problems of the CPAP Mask


  • Mask not Fitting Properly: If your CPAP mask does not fit you properly, the pressurized air may leak. This air leakage may cause you to experience eye irritation, conjunctivitis. An added loss is that the effectiveness of the CPAP treatment will be reduced. You may need to purchase a new type of mask which fits you perfectly.
  • Mask is Dirty: If you do not clean your mask regularly, it will harbour bacteria which may cause sores, pimples, blisters. It is advisable to wash your face before going to bed, clean your mask every morning.
  • Age of Mask: Over time with prolonged usage, your mask may become dry and brittle. Such a mask will not be comfortable to wear, may be irritating and even cause pain if it becomes stiff. A stiff mask will also cause air leakage. Thus the mask should be replaced every three to six months.
  • Style of Mask: Many different types of masks are available in the market. You should try the different types and select one which will fit you comfortably. You can select from full mask, nose cushion mask, nasal prongs type of mask and other types.
  • Position of Sleeping: Your sleep position plays an important role in the working of the CPAP. If you sleep in your sides, it may place pressure on the mask this may cause the seal to break. Thereby causing air leakage. However the worst position to sleep is on the back. Thus purchasing a pillow which has been designed scientifically to be used with a CPAP may be necessary.

Thus if you notice any of the above problems with your mask, contact your doctor for solutions.