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CPAP Pillows for Side Sleepers

CPAP pillows for side sleepers are a special sort of pillows which are made for people who suffer from sleep apnea or OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) and who are using a CPAP mask in order to be able to breathe properly while they sleep. In addition to all of the above, among these people, there can be back, stomach or side sleepers and so the CPAP pillows for side sleepers are designed for side sleepers who suffer from sleep apnea and who are using one type or another CPAP mask.

Side Sleeper Pillows

We have already discussed side sleeper pillows in other articles (if you missed them please jump over and read), but basically, in short, these are pillows designed to give maximum support and comfort for side sleepers and they usually also align the head, the neck and the spine in order to improve the sleeping posture and keep the air channels open, which may solve certain snoring and even mild sleep apnea problems.

Pillows for CPAP Masks

So, on top of all the requirements for side sleepers, the CPAP pillows for side sleepers also include design elements which are able to accommodate the CPAP mask itself in addition to the person. Needless to say this is already a lot of requirements for a pillow to have, but there are pillows which are able to deliver on this. You can find them in my side sleeper pillow reviews, just look for the CPAP in the title.

CPAP pillows for side sleepers

In this picture here, you can see how one of the CPAP pillows for side sleepers is able to provide for 6 different types of CPAP masks. You can see there is an opening for the CPAP hose, there is head, neck and shoulder support helping you to sleep on your side while, at the same time, not disturbing your CPAP mask.

CPAP Pillows for Side Sleepers

So what happens is that your CPAP mask does not rub or press against your face like it would be the case with a regular pillow, which definitely improves your comfort. Also you avoid damaging the mask and creating leaks.

Final words on CPAP pillows for side sleepers

I hope this article was helpful to you and will give you more knowledge to deal with your sleep apnea sleep disorder and give you more comfort and less mask problems from sleeping with a regular pillow.


  1. I purchased one of these pillows
    I had a regular pillow before which was creating the issues which you talk about
    so thanks

  2. I am new with this whole CPAP business so this was REALLY useful for me, thanks for CPAP Pillows for Side Sleepers article