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Cultural Life Of Teenagers Often Make Them Victim Of DSPS

People with delayed sleep phase syndrome have a habit of sleeping late at night and waking up late in the morning. Often it has been said that people suffering with DSPS cannot sleepuntil early morning. In this people often sleeps at morning hours or at afternoon. Their biological clock is completely suffered and it lapses by an hour following a non 24 hour body clock schedule. Insomniac on the other hand, have the inability to sleep whether at morning or afternoon or at night.

How To Check Yourself That You Have A Sleep Disorder?

Do You Fall Asleep While Driving Or Feel Tired?

There are many ways in which you can predict this but it’s always advisable that you ask following questions to yourself to know about existence of sleep disorder:-

  • Do you feel irritated during the day or night?
  • Do you feel sleepy while watching television or sitting static?
  • Do you often fall asleep while driving or feel tired?
  • Do you lose your concentration very soon?
  • Do you often find that people asking you that you look tiresome?
  • What is your frequency to react to situations?
  • Do you find yourself in dilemma in controlling your emotions?
  • Do you have an urge to take a nap very frequently, multiple times a day?
  • Do you require plenty of coffee and energy drinks to keep you awake and fresh?

Well if your answers to most of the questions are yes then you are suffering with sleep disorder. Especially, these are quite common question to analyze the impact of delayed sleep phase syndrome too as these are quite frequent things that happen when you suffer with DSPS.

Cultural Life Of  Teenagers Often Make Them Victim Of DSPS

The biological genetic basis for delayed sleep phase syndrome has its length period known as polymorphism. It is located at the circadian gene Per3. Teenagers have slightly longer period of circadian gene. They tend to be awake at night because of their cultural way of life. They have more impact of psychological behavior towards sleep which makes them prone to various sleep disorders. DSPS has known to be the most typical sleep disorder to affect most of the teenagers.

Chronotherapy An Effective Therapy To Overcome DSPS

Delayed sleep phase syndrome treatment require chronobiological principles to make the phase shift to the normal. The basic step that is undertaken to do so is by rescheduling the sleeping hours. There is no instant result and all treatments require time. Chronotherapy is the one of the most successful therapy in overcoming DSPS. It consists of progressive 3 hours delay of bedtime and wake up time. It should be followed with strict discipline. It is mainly divided into different stages according to the delay of hours. On completion of first shift of 5 to 7 days, then you can move onto further stages and slowly back to normal sleep and wake up hours.

Follow Your Doctor Advise And Insist Yourself To Do Some Morning Exercises

Insist On A Morning Walk Or Do Some Exercise To Maintain Sleep Hygiene

To maintain a good balance between your social life and work, it is better to follow strict sleep hygiene. Adhere to strict rules to sleep at time and if you are one of the victims, take proper care to follow the routine checkup and instructions of your doctor. Insist on a morning walk or do some exercise in the morning as it helps our body to expend energy and helps the body to decrease the energy reserves accordingly which helps us to maintain a balanced sleep hygiene.