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Disruption In Body’s Circadian Clock May Increase Risk Of Weight Gain

Circadian Clock Disruption Can Gain Weight

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is a state when human biological clock gets disrupted, can cause so many types of issues in human life that affect them in many ways.  The main function of circadian rhythm is to indicate human brain about sleeping pattern like when to sleep and when to wake. This sleeping cycle is purely connected and driven by circadian clock. As per new research, human body organs are related to cells which have their own genes of circadian clock that put a great influence on various processes of the body and thus, weight gain is also causes when this biological clock gets disrupted.

How Circadian Rhythm Can Contribute Increasing Weight

Circadian Rhythm Can Contribute Increasing Weight

It is a certain factor that if genes work for body processes like digestion, operation etc, then when this clock gets disturbed the performance of these genes also gets out of order. In that case, it creates several types of physical disorders and health issues and weight gain is a part of those issues. Waking up for long time and not sleeping at your regular time encourage individuals to eat food at wrong time. This over time eating is main reason of increasing body weight and losing sleep causes depression and many other mental disorders.

Genes Of Circadian Clock & Its Impact On Human Body Metabolism

As per some researches, it is concluded that our body has several types of genes and all these genes have their different roles. Each gene is connected to separate circadian clock and when circadian clock becomes out of order, the body starts gaining weight. Metabolism cells and human body clock both work together and when any one of two gets disrupted, it is an invitation to several health diseases. The way our body handles sugar and fat, is also directed by clock genes and thus, we see how important role a circadian clock plays on our metabolism.

Role Of Diet In Body Clock Disruption

If our body clock gets affected, then there would be several contributors to this condition. In these contributors, our diet has a significant role. Eating diet with high fat generally causes circadian rhythm sleep disorder. When our circadian clock gets disordered, it does not mean that it only affects our sleeping and waking process, but it also affects our eating. The time of being hungry or feel like food also runs by body clock and for its better functioning, it is necessary to consume good diet. When we wake up for long and don’t sleep early, then we generally feel the need of food and thus, it encourages overeating.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Is An Obstacle In A Healthy Life

It is true that if you have circadian rhythm sleep disorder and you don’t bother about the same, then you can’t expect for a healthy life for sure. A healthy life is consisted to a right time of sleeping pattern and waking up as well. It is also related to eating habits. Eating at a right time and right food is highly essential to be fit and fine always. Therefore, if you want to see yourself healthy and prosperous, then it is highly necessary for you to not to neglect circadian rhythm sleep disorder anyway.