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Do I Have a Sleeping Disorder

It is a very natural question to ask for someone having difficulties with sleeping – “Do I have a sleeping disorder?”. The good thing is there are a bunch of ways to tell if you are. For example if you yawn a lot during the day or you feel tired even though you slept are both signs of underlying issues connecting with your sleep.

A man yawning as often the case with people who have a sleeping disorder

To make your life easier below are a range of signs or symptoms which will give you an idea if you are suffering from some kind of a sleeping disorder or not.

Do I have a sleeping disorder?” list of symptoms

Have a look at the list below and see if any of the items apply to you. If you notice a symptom which happens to you then you may want to check with your doctor and tell him or her that this specific sign occurs in your body or in your life and let them check you out and possibly send you for a test.

    • Snoring or loud snoring is a possible sign that you have sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder in which people stop breathing
    • No energy during the day even though you have slept – this would indicate that the quality of your sleep was very bad
    • Sleepy all the time – shows the sleep that you are getting is not what it should be
    • Trouble in concentrating or difficulties to recall things
    • You feel like you can sleep literally anywhere if you could. For example in your office or another place, you feel so tired that you could fall asleep right there.
    • Frequent occurring headaches (but be careful with this symptom because often people have headaches and it is not connected to sleeping problems, so take this in addition with others)
    • Your mood changes very fast or you are sad or depressed all the time – regular lack of sleep causes these problems, but again so do other illnesses so if this is the only symptom in this list then it is likely not only a sleeping disorder issue
  • People who have a condition called insomnia have trouble going to sleep and having a full proper length of sleep
  • People who have a condition called sleep apnea stop breathing and this can happen frequently and for long durations, but often the person who is sleeping will not know about this, so if your friends or family said to you that you look like you are not breathing then pay very good attention to that and read about sleep apnea

Finally, perhaps your friends or family are also wondering about “Do I have a sleeping disorder?” so share this easy article with them and help them out.