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Does Shift Work Raise Risk of Diabetes

Relationship Between Diabetes & Shift Work

As per recent studies, it has come up that people who work in shifts or are not bound to right sleeping pattern have found on higher risk of diabetes. Diabetes which is a dangerous health issue leads one to life threatening dangers. It is almost impossible to overcome this condition in entire lifetime. To stay unaffected from this health illness, one should strictly avoid supporting issues or causes like shift work. The reason behind this fact that shift work encourages diabetes is normal sleeping changes that cause great struggle to body which controls the level of sugar.

An Experiment Proved The Clear Influence Of Shift Work On Diabetes

A lab experiment has shared a great part in proving the clear influence of shift work on diabetes. This experiment was conducted for 3 weeks. After completing the experiment, the conclusion stated that the disruption of sleep affects on metabolism of human body and also affects the levels of blood sugar. In this research, 24 adults had been recruited in a particular hospital for total 39 days. In this place, the lighting levels, feeding times and temperature were being manipulated. Reason behind these manipulations is to make body clocks confused. Meanwhile, the experimenting team restricted sleeping hours for each night. After measuring up the metabolism and sugar level of participants, researchers found that blood sugar circulation after having food was higher and metabolism was slowed.

Metabolism Change Is A Big Cause Of Promoting Diabetes

After successfully completing with this experiment, it has found that when the changes occurs in metabolism, then blood sugar level also fluctuates and it is a clear indication of diabetes. This experiment gave clear evidence to prove the strong relation of disrupted sleep that causes by shift work with diabetes. Therefore, if you work without following any particular schedule, then you are definitely leading towards critical health disorders in which diabetes is one of them.

Less Sleep, Excess Diabetes

If you sleep less or in an inadequate way, then it will lead to gain diabetes in excess amount. Living a life with this health disorder is quite difficult. In diabetes, a patient has to live up on medicines. You cannot enjoy your life to the fullest. Taking less rest causes several horrible disorders to a patient. Diabetes is one of the most critical forms and a result of shift work. The shift workers generally have to wake up at night and they sleep in the morning time due to their working schedule. However, they become habitual to this sleeping pattern, but still our body internal parts suffer. This awkward condition comes in form of diabetes later on.

What To Do

It is all up to you to keep diabetes away from you. One uses to work in shifts due to different causes, but still one should try to avoid working in shifts if want to live up a healthy life. Still, in case you cannot avoid such working schedule, then consult with a medical expert to overcome this life threatening condition diabetes.