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Do nasal strips work for snoring?

There are quite some positive replies in various forums regarding nasal strips. They seem to work quite well for most people in their battle against snoring.

In one case the person tried various sprays, pillows and even lost a bunch of weight (as snoring is often blamed on obesity) and none of those things helped this person, however, when he got nasal strips they worked really well.

The price is also something which is mentioned a lot about nasal strips. They are a rather expensive solution, but, nevertheless, those who use them seem to be fully willing to pay the price in order to have a quality of sleep and, as well, not to disturb their partners or other people in the household.

I have also found two concerns:

  • In one case the person reported that the nasal strips did not work immediately, but after 2 to 3 weeks there was a significant reduction in snoring
  • In the second case the person had a very sensitive inner part of the nose due to allergies and the specific type of “nose strips” called nasal dilators which goes inside the nose were not ideal for this person. However, regular strips which go on top should, I suppose, be ok.

Two other solutions mentioned were nasal dilators: Snore-no-More nasal dilator and Nozovent anti-snoring device. They are slightly different than nasal strips – for example snore-no-more device is inserted right up the nose. However, they last for a long time and in that sense are more cost effective than nasal strips.

On the right hand side are 2 products people on the forums used and recommended. I did not find the snore-no-more on Amazon so I don’t have the link to that here:

One Comment

  1. Friend of mine order some nasal strips and for her at least they did work, well her boyfriend is not complaining anymore