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Dopamine And Its Role In Sleep Disorders

Dopamine Regulates Sleeping Cycle

If you have sleep disorders, then the reason can be dopamine levels somehow. Indeed, in human brain, there is a chemical named dopamine which has a great role in sleeping cycle. Several brain activities like dreaming are also controlled by dopamine. This fact has discovered after going through an experiment by neuroscientists on a mice. As per this experiment, it is found that the reduced level of dopamine results in sleeplessness and when this condition remains untreated, it can give birth to several sleep disorders. However, the increased level of dopamine has resulted in dreaming when the mice were awakened.

Sleep Disorders – Parkinson’s Disease & Dopamine

The imbalanced level of dopamine usually causes sleeping issues to patients who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Basically, Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder wherein the dopamine supporting cells become damaged or die. That means; a patient has to bear critical sleeping issues like sleeplessness, daytime sleepiness, depression, insomnia or so on. To find out initial symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, neuroscientists have experimented and found hallucinations, schizophrenic and other psychological problems the major symptoms. All these symptoms are categorized by sleep disorders and thus, it is very much clear that dopamine’s has a clear impact on Parkinson’s disease.

What Actually Dopamine Is?

To understand the role of dopamine in human life or sleeping cycle, you should learn what exactly dopamine is. So, it is a neurotransmitter which holds signals from one to other neuron. It uses to control human brain and other brain activities like movement, emotion, pleasure and balance. In human brain, when signals want to move through brain, at that time neurons leave dopamine that helps the signals to transport between neurons, gaps or synapse. After transporting one signal, a transporter empties dopamine and sends it back to get ready for next signal burst.

Sleep Disorders – Imbalanced Dopamine Causes Schizophrenia And Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease And Sleep Disorders

When the dopamine becomes imbalanced or damaged, it causes several disorders like schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. Both of these disorders are characterized by dopamine imbalance in brain and those patients also bear sleep disturbances. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that dopamine puts a great influence on sleep cycle. So, after analyzing the role of dopamine in sleep disorders, it becomes obvious that doctors should first diagnose the patient’s condition and try to learn if their problem is caused of dopamine or what. After ensuring dopamine, one should use medication to correct imbalanced dopamine for having sound sleeping nights.

Cure Sleep Disorders With Dopamine Balancing Drug

As it is found that dopamine is a chemical that helps a person to have sound sleep and thus, when it becomes imbalanced, one has to face sleeplessness or sleep disturbances. At that time, those patients should be given dopamine balancing drugs. In such drugs, mice L-dopa is one that is given to patients who have Parkinson’s disease or other disorders caused by imbalanced dopamine. As per neuroscientists, sleep disorders are the prime stage of Parkinson’s disease and thus, having treatment for dopamine can be a great step to cure sleep disorders.