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DSPS Sleep Disorder | Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) | Sleep Right Melatonin | Philips BriteLITE 6 | REVIEW

Few Words About What Exactly Is Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome or DSPS in short is a disruption or a disorder of the internal body clock (circadian rhythm). People who suffer from DSPS sleep disorder usually go to bed well after midnight or, generally spoken, they do not sleep in the same hours as most society and therefore have issues waking up to go to school or the office.

These people often proudly call themselves “night owls” and feel that they work better at night. However, DSPS can lead to disruptions in alertness, timings of body temperature changes and hormonal changes (due to circadian rhythm disturbance).

Symptoms Shown By Those Who Suffer From DSPS Sleep Disorder

  • Common with insomnia, having a hard time sleeping at the needed hours

    Sleeping student in the classroom – a consequence of DSPS Sleep Disorder

  • Feeling sleepy throughout the day, being always tired – a consequence of not sleeping properly
  • Unable to wake up without great difficulty to go to school or office
  • Attitudinal problems and even depression as a consequence of not being alert during the day and starting to perform badly in school or office or having pressure from society
  • Avoiding stimulants (caffeine) from coffee, energy drinks, tea, etc
  • Forcing to go to sleep at the same exact hour every day and same for waking up
  • Slowly adjusting the sleeping times (usually by 1-2 hours per day) until they match the required time and rid of DSPS sleep disorder.
  • Bright light therapy or generally making sure to be exposed to maximum amount of light from morning onwards (open curtains to bring in more light) and, on the opposite side, reducing the amount of light received in the evenings before bed by for example using a dimmer light instead of a very bright bulb.

The Treatments of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

General note: light bulb invention has had a very negative impact on people when it comes to sleep disorders. In the past people used to wake up early with the sun and go to bed early as the sun came down.

A Cheap Solution from Amazon – Sleep Right Melatonin 5 Mg, 275 Pills SHORT REVIEW

Sleep Right Melatonin 5 Mg, 275 Pills – a treatment for DSPS Sleep Disorder

From all the reviews on Amazon a massive 84% of the buyers of Sleep Right Melatonin highly recommend it in their evaluation. This is truly a huge percentage and a major factor to prove that this product is effective.

This is truly a great aid in treating DSPS sleep disorder through medication. Here are 2 extracts from their comments:

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Philips BriteLITE 6 – a treatment for DSPS Sleep Disorder

An Alternative Choice – Your Own Bright Light Therapy – Philips BriteLITE 6 SHORT REVIEW

For this product the numbers speak for themselves. A huge 90% of the customers who purchased Philips BriteLITE 6 on Amazon rated it 5 star. There is only 1 person out of all customers who gave it 1 star and when you read his review you see that he had no problem at all with the product, but due to a shipping problem the light was broken, so he could not use it.

Delayed sleep phase syndrome can certainly be addressed with light therapy in the comfort of your own home. Here are 3 extracts from their comments:

“Love the Light!”

“The light is very attractive… You can’t go wrong ordering this light…”

“I would definitely recommend this light because it is of very good quality”