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Factors Affecting Sleep

  • Nutrition: too little/too much food near bedtime
  • Caffeine: long half life; can affect or delay sleep
  • Alcohol: shortens sleep onset & rebound arousal
  • Smoking: agitation; half life 1-2 hrs, smoking close to bedtime may delay sleep
  • Exercise: activity increases REM & NREM sleep but if within 2 hrs of sleep can cause wakefulness
  • Disruptions: schedule change, baby, phone etc
  • Age-related issue
  • Temperature: extremes impair sleep quality
  • Light: problem in hospitals
  • Noise: high noise levels assoc with less REM
  • Sleep position: back sleepers have more apnea
  • Pain: affects sleep latency and duration
  • Medications: hypnotics, sedatives, anesthetics all decrease latency; cause wakefulness & anxiety
  • Mood: depression & anxiety affect sleep

One Comment

  1. wow that’s quite a lot of factors affecting sleep… there is probably even more if one sits down to think about it