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Fitting Tips For Hans Rudolph’s 7600 Oro-Nasal VMask

When sizing the masks you should choose the SMALLER size if it is on the border between two sizes.

The Mask Sizing Caliper is a great tool for fitting and we are told the best on the market but faces are not an exact science so other factors have to be taken into account.

The top of the mask (peak) should ride down the nose approximately 1 cm.

Hans Rudolph tells us that they sell more SMALL sizes than the MEDIUM.

Our masks can be placed in a dishwasher so having a set of extra face pieces around for fitting is becoming common as the mask is very popular. It is #1 in Europe and becoming very popular in the USA and Canada.

Sensa Seals™ can be purchased each time with the masks as separate line items. The Sensa Seals™ add 5 more ½ sizes to the existing 5 standard sizes of Large, Medium, Small, Extra Small & Petite Oro-Nasal (full face) Vmasks™.

Fitting Tip Details for a Proper Leak Free Fit using Hans Rudolph 7600

Mask Sizing

The Mask Sizing Caliper measurement is a guideline to determine the best size mask for the patient. From our experience, when someone is “in between” sizes with the 7600 VMask™, the smaller of the two sizes usually creates a better seal. This said, there have been cases where the larger size can be used successfully with the Sensa Seal™ attachment.

Mask Positioning

Most full face masks are worn with the top of the mask aligned with the top of the bridge of the nose. The 7600 VMask™ performs better with the top of the mask positioned lower down the nose (i.e. 1 to 2 cm down bridge of nose). This explains why it is preferred to use the smaller of two sizes of masks if you are “in between” sizes.

Hans Rudolph tells us that some customers have had to wear the mask quite tight against the face to achieve a seal. In this event, the face piece of the 7600 VMask™ distributes pressure evenly over its contour, preventing pressure sores.

Sensa Seal

Only 20-30% of 7600 VMask™ users require the Sensa Seal™. In fact, this attachment may worsen a mask leak if it is used when not required.

Always make sure you have picked out the right size of 7600 VMask™ face piece first. If the mask is not riding low enough on the nose, approximately 1-2 cm, then it may be too large of a face piece and adding a Sensa Seal™ should not be the first change made. The patient should first try a smaller face piece. The “Face Piece Only” can be purchased less the swivel port assembly and the headgear so the cost is much lower than buying another full mask assembly. These part numbers are listed on the Data Sheet enclosed with the Mask and on other brochures.

If there is still a leak to the eyes after getting the correct face piece size then adding the button-on Sensa Seal™ typically stops that leak to the eyes that the patient may be getting due to high pressure settings or just a difficult nose bridge to seal on.