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Common CPAP Questions

Is CPAP a “cure” for Sleep Apnea?

  • CPAP is an on-going “treatment” for Sleep Apnea and only works if you use it! If you stop using the therapy you will revert back to the way you felt prior to CPAP intervention.


If the electricity goes out during the night, will I suffocate with the mask on?

  • All cpap masks are designed with exhalation ports and have to be FDA approved prior to being introduced to market. For the most part if the cpap stopped during the night, you would wake up. If you did not wake up, don’t worry, the masks are designed to allow you to breathe normally if the blower stops.


When I take a nap in the afternoon do I need to use the CPAP?

  • If you have Sleep Apnea, you have it no matter what time of day or night you sleep. If you use your CPAP faithfully you may not feel the need to nap anymore.


If I go on a trip, do I need to take the CPAP with me?

  • You should bring the CPAP with you when you travel. Since CPAP therapy is a “treatment” for sleep apnea if you don’t use it while away you may revert back to the way you felt prior to CPAP intervention.


If I keep using the CPAP will my body become accustomed to it and I won’t ever be able to stop using it?

  • You cannot become physiologically addicted to CPAP therapy, however, if you use it as directed by your physician, you will start to feel better and your overall health may improve. Stopping therapy is a call that should only be made by your physician.


Can CPAP use give you a sinus infection?

  • Use of a CPAP will not cause a sinus infection (bacteria is the culprit) but can aggravate an infection. Proper use of the heated humidifier and cleaning of the equipment is essential in keeping bacteria at bay.


Will CPAP therapy keep my bed partner awake?

  • The machines currently on the market today are extremely quiet. They are quieter than a desk fan and far quieter than snoring! Check with your provider on what brands they carry.


How often do I need to use the CPAP, could I use it a few nights each week?

  • CPAP therapy only works if you use it! At least 4 hours or more per night is needed to achieve optimal results.


Can I bring the CPAP on a plane?

  • The TSA is very familiar with the CPAP equipment. It is recommended that you travel with it as a “carry-on”.


My Home Medical Provider sends letters and calls for resupplies. How often and why do these need to be replaced?

  • Medicare and other Insurance providers have a set time on each of the items to be replaced. It is recommended that you replace these at the set times as they are the manufacturers guidelines on replacement. For reasons and schedule see attached.


How often should the cpap be checked?

  • Each Home Medical Provider follows its own guidelines. At Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment we send a download card every 3 months. This allows us to alleviate any issues with therapy before there is a problem.


I’m unhappy with the service I receive now; can I switch to another Provider?

  • It is your option to choose which provider you want. All you need to do is call your physician and tell them which Provider you would like and your reason as to why you feel you would like to switch.

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  1. I have oschler weber also known as HHT is there a mask available that will let me breathe only thru my mouth