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How Long To Try a CPAP Mask Before Switching

The time you wish to wait before deciding to switch your CPAP mask is a decision which you should make after a logical discussion of the following points:

  • Does the CPAP mask cause pain
  • Does the CPAP mask leak
  • Is the CPAP mask not comfortable

What is a CPAP Mask?

A CPAP Mask as the name suggests is the ending through which the pressurized air, used to treat sleep apnea, is delivered. These masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your requirements and needs you can select one.

Why a CPAP Mask is required?

The CPAP mask has two major functions:

  1. Deliver the Pressurized Air: The first function, for which the mask was designed, is to deliver the pressurized air to your nose and mouth in an efficient manner to ensure the high efficacy of the CPAP treatment system.
  2. Create a Seal: The second and equally important function of the CPAP mask is to create a seal on your face to ensure that the pressurized air is not lost to the surrounding due to leakage of the mask etc. This seal is created by the power of vacuum which is created by the machine.

Points to Consider before Changing your CPAP Mask

How long to try a CPAP Mask before Changing

Pain: If you experience pain in your face after using a specific type of CPAP mask, it is better to switch immediately to another type of mask. At maximum, try the mask for another day, if the pain persists it is better to change.

Leakage: If your mask leaks, it may be due to many reasons. Try changing the settings of the CPAP machine and then check the leakage. If that does not work, try purchasing a CPAP mask liner (such as the Remzzz CPAP Mask Liner) to create a better vacuum seal to prevent leakage. Even if that does not work, then switch to a different mask.

Comfort: This is one of the important points of a CPAP mask. Make sure that the mask you choose is extremely comfortable to wear since you will have to wear it throughout the night and if the comfort level is low, it will increase your chances of stopping CPAP therapy. To increase your comfort with the CPAP mask try purchasing a mask such as the Comfort Gel Mask which will change its shape according to every person to ensure a perfect fit. Or purchase a mask made of cloth or leather which will be lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Based on the above points make an informed decision regarding your CPAP mask.