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How To Grow Linden Flower

Linden Flowers

Trees of linden flower are grown and planted throughout the world due to fragrance and uncountable benefits of linden flowers for health. The Linden tree has three species having different characteristics. LINDEN FLOWER tea is very useful for the cure of several mental and physical disorders. Linden flowers which are also called Tilia Cordata flowers are used in the treatment of nocturnal panic attacks, high blood pressure, cough, fever, cold, infection, headache (especially migraine), and inflammation. Moreover, they are also used as antispasmodic, sedative and diuretic. Sleep disorders can be reduced by taking the tea of the linden flowers.

Growth Of Linden Flower Tree

When it comes to good looking trees, linden flower tree is considered to be one of the best. The tree of linden flower is grown best in warm summer and cold winter. The best growth of Linden tree has been found near the major drainages, along the lakes and on east and north facing slopes. The normal linden trees grow 12 to 17 inches in one year. That means growth of Linden tree is faster than other hardwood trees. If you want to grow Linden tree perfectly then you need to have a spot which has partial shade or receives good sunlight. The spot should also have moist and deep soil. The perfect pH of soil for Linden tree is from 4.5 to 7.5.

Determination Of Location And Preparation Of Ground For Linden Tree

Linden Tree

The linden flower tree should be grown in the area which receives a lot of sunlight. In well drained soil Linden tree is grown pretty good.  Try to find the spot that has got good sunlight in afternoon. After the determination of location, there comes preparation of ground, that is also very important and one of difficult things to do while planting any plant. First of all dig the hole which is almost four times bigger than root ball of your Linden tree. The depth of hole must be similar to height of root ball in order to keep the height of root ball equal to surroundings of ground.

Planting Linden Tree

It is best to transplant linden flower tree from home centre or any nursery. The plants in nursery are available packed in any fabric or burlap in order to protect root ball from any damage and keep it intact. Place tree of Linden next to hole and then remove burlap or twine. After preparing the hole and getting the root ball ready you are able to plant your Linden tree. Position your Linden tree in middle of hole and begin backfilling with original soil for stabilizing your tree. Put some organic compound in the soil in order to give it several rich nutrients. Now water your ground nicely and fill the hole completely.

Spread Mulch

After planting your Linden tree, make certain that your ground is compressed, but not so tightly. Put 4 inch mulch layer around base of your Linden tree; don’t put it on its trunk. Put barrier of 4 inch between the trunk and the mulch. Now water the whole area again in order to keep your soil moist. Mulch is very beneficial for plants as it protects the moisture of your soil and saves it from drying. In hot areas the mulch keeps the roots of plants away from heat. Linden tree which can provide mind blowing solution for nocturnal panic attacks and sleep disorders can be protected by mulch.