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Health Benefits Of Linden Flower Tea

Linden Flower Tea

In olden times, linden flower tea was considered to be the favorite nectar of kings. Kings of that time only love to have this tea as it has got sweet taste and numerous health benefits. Linden flowers are dried in order to make Linden tea. It is believed that the Tilia Americana (Linden tree) stores sun rays during sunlight in its lime blooms. Therefore, the tea made up of the Linden flowers fills the warmth of sun in your body and causes perspiration. In this way, one can easily get rid of fever. As the tea has got a lot of uses and a very few side effects, so it could be taken on daily basis. linden flower tea is also able to reduce nocturnal panic attack and treat sleep disorders

Skin Care And Fever Treatment

You can add linden flower tea to your body and face lotions for the regeneration of your skin. Due to its ability to reduce swelling, Linden flower is very good medicine for your puffy eyelids. In order to decrease swelling, just soak the balls of cotton in linden tea and put them on your eyelids for around 20 minutes. Blossoms of Linden tree have got flavanoids that are so helpful in reducing your fever. Linden tea has also been found effective in coughs and colds due to its diaphoretic and fever reducing effects. linden flower tea has an ability to stimulate appetite and relieve insomnia

Stress Relief

Linden Flower Tea

Linden tea soothes and relaxes your nerves. It also decreases your anxiety level. Linden tea is also very helpful in so many issues related to your health like vomiting caused by stress, irregular heartbeats and indigestion issues. British herbalist Simon Mills believes: Linden tea is also able to lower your blood pressure due to its hypotensive properties. Linden tea is very good remedy for the cure of any type of sleep disorder and nocturnal panic attacks. Linden tea is also capable of combating insomnia and inducing relaxation. By adding linden flower tea, you may take a soothing and relaxing bath before going to your bed.

Liver Restoration

In France, linden flower tea is believed to be very useful in restoration of liver as it has got choleretic action that is mild. Keith Stelling who is an author believes that inner back or sapwood of Linden tree stimulates flow of bile throughout your liver. In this way, liver drainage takes place which is non-aggressive. This is a natural liver restoration. Supporters and users of Linden tea also state that for many cases, medicines which are conventional are so damaging for your liver’s condition. Therefore, substitute natural medicine is preferred. And only natural medicine that is not dangerous at all is Linden tea.

Making Of Linden Flower Tea

Take one table spoon of Linden flowers that are dried and put them into the kettle. Now, take around two cups of water and add them into the tea kettle on the Linden flowers. Now, cover the teapot with a lid and let the Linden flowers boil in the tea kettle for around ten minutes. For pouring tea into the cup, put a strainer of tea on the tea cup and start pouring the Linden tea through the tea strainer into your tea cup. Linden tea is used three times a day for effective result. People with heart disease and pregnant women are recommended not to take Linden tea. Linden tea should be used, if you have got an issue of nocturnal panic attack and sleep disorders.

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  1. This real works for me sleeping disorder panick attack

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