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Nocturnal Panic Attacks In Children

Having issues like sleep disorders can change meanings of childhood. For centuries it is believed that “Childhood is best time of one’s life”. Children are carefree, stress free and pure at heart. But in today’s world this doesn’t stand true for every child. Some children experience sleep disorders which lead to other problems. Nocturnal panic attack is common problem in children these days. It can be considered as sleep disorders. Scientists say that it is not harmful, but is scary for child as well as parents. The symptoms of these attacks can be similar to day time attacks like sweating, tight chest, increased heart beat, bad feeling, difficulty in breathing etc.

The Main Question Is Do Dreams Because Nocturnal Panic Attacks

No, tests have proved that dreams are not responsible for these attacks because they occur in early phase of the sleep cycle. The main reason behind the attack could be the event that had taken place earlier in the day time or stressful situation experienced by the child. It is very important to identify the exact reason or fear behind the attack to cure it. It is very important to break the vicious cycle of the panic attacks.

The Symptoms Of Nocturnal Panic Attacks In Children Are

Parents Play important Role In Eliminating Nocturnal Panic Attacks In Children

Bed wetting, if the child wets the bed frequently, it means he has fear of going to the restroom or some anxiety. Child is too shy, he is afraid of people and do not make friends easily. Child has fear of sleeping and do not want to sleep in the night. The child stays alone and do not participate in classroom and school activities. These attacks can cause shaking and restlessness while sleeping. Scientists accept this disorder as a sleeping disorder. They believe that it comes out when the body switches from light sleep to deep sleep.

What To Do If Discover Such Attacks In Children

After finding out the exact reason behind nocturnal panic attacks remedies can be prescribed. There are few herbal medicines that have been used to treat such symptoms in children for ages. Some doctors prescribe antidepressants for this problem. But, more importantly these days’ doctors believe more in psychological treatment than any medical treatment. There are examples where role play technique has helped many children overcome their fears and thus helped in reducing panic attacks. This method mainly involves teaching your children how to react and behave in certain situations. This will reduce their anxiety and make them more confident in dealing with different situations.

What Can Parents Do In Case Of Nocturnal Panic Attacks

Not only parents but teachers also play important role in eliminating nocturnal panic attacks in children. Parents can identify the exact nature of the problem and take help from various support groups. They can also refer to the self help books and help their children. Parents and teachers can teach relaxation techniques to children to overcome their fears and phobias. The combination of medicines and behavioral therapy has proved more useful. Lastly, it is very important to treat nocturnal panic attacks as early as possible.