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How To Help Sleep Problems Related To Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain: Common Ailment In Aging People

Sleep or sleep disorders creates us vulnerable to some serious health conditions, shoulder pain is one among them. Shoulder, the most unstable joint in our body, is made up of three bones and twenty two muscles. Being the most movable joint it suffers from many troubles. Shoulder pain is a common ailment in physically active and aging people. The trouble can be a simple sprain, or injury of rotator muscle, or a frozen shoulder, or an injury or any other reason. As the shoulder socket which holds the upper arm is smaller than the arm, it is easily injured. The shoulder pain can be localized to a particular point or spread over the whole of shoulder, down the arm and even neck.

Sleep Disorders And Shoulder Pain

Physical activity like manual labor or sporting activity can be the cause of a shoulder injury. However, sleep disorders and natural wear and tear due to aging are the most common cause of shoulder pain. With aging the muscles become weak and the shoulder hurts even with little discomfort during sleep. The bones also become soft, a state called osteoporosis, and are another reason for shoulder pain. Sometimes mulberry like outgrowths, called bone spurs, grow on the shoulder bone and hinder its normal movements, causing pain. Shoulder dislocation is another cause for the discomfort. The wear and tear of rotator cuff during sleep (shoulder muscle) or tendon inflammation/breakage slowly onsets the pain and discomfort in shoulder.

Symptoms Of A Shoulder Pain Experienced With Sleep Disorders

Sleep Problems Related To Shoulder Pain

The shoulder pain can be of two types. Firstly, the pain that occurs in shoulder only when we use or move the shoulder, like while playing ball, rowing etc. the other type is the pain experienced in the shoulder at night when we are having some sleep discomfort or sleep disorders. This pain is triggered most often by the fatigue of shoulder muscles. The pain in shoulder is felt while lying down for sleep and/or while moving an arm above the head. The shoulder can be dull localized and felt throughout the day. Either it can be very sharp, as in an injury, and makes it difficult even to move the arm in one or all directions.

Shoulder Pain May Induce Sleep Disorders

Whatever the cause of shoulder pain, it makes difficult for us to sleep comfortable at night. Sleeping on the aching shoulder side becomes impossible as the weight of the whole upper body comes on this shoulder. If we lie on the opposite side then the painful shoulder feels a starching and aches more.  Sleepless nights can become a lifelong phenomenon due to injured shoulders if proper timely care is not taken. Sleep problems result in stress and other physical and mental problems as the body does not get enough rest and causes sleep deprivation or sleep disorders. Shoulder induces sleep problems can be cured by little insight and efforts.

Curing Sleep Disorders Related To Shoulder Pain

Anti-inflammatory medication may be taken to reduce severe ache. Self massage with anti inflammatory oils or ointments are a soothing option. This will allow the pain to subside for some time and the body can get its required rest. Heat pads or ice packs both help relax a stiff painful shoulder. The long term relief from shoulder pain can be achieved by performing targeted exercises, preferably under supervision or training of a physiotherapist. A very simple method to help sleep disorders related to shoulder pain is to add more fluffy pillows under your head.