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How to Select a Light Box for Bright Light Therapy?

Bright light therapy has found to be an effective cure for delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS). There are a variety of bright light therapy devices available in the market. It is difficult to decide on one. Here are some parameters that will allow you select a bright light therapy device that will suit your needs.

  • Look for a light device that will be suitable to your lifestyle. If the box is not convenient for you to use, it will not produce any result. Chose light box that will be most compatible to your activity at the time of the day when you are supposed to take the therapy.
  • If you take the therapy by sitting at a desk then it is best to go for a desk lamp light box. The table top light boxes that can be stand over a table will also serve your purpose         
  • If you exercise while taking the therapy, then choose a light box that will be effective from a distance over 14″. These units generally have reflective mechanism to increase the luminosity or they have more bulbs. This type of device generally comes with floor stand with caster wheels.
  • If you have preference for look then you can choose a design that you like the best.
  • If your eyes are sensitive to glare then choose light with white or opaque diffuser.
  • If you need to have portable light then go for the lighter and compact units.
  • Some manufacturers also make full spectrum lights that have greater brightness. Although it is not required for DSPS, but these lights have other added benefits. These lights block out UV radiations. These lights are bluer or whiter whereas the non-full spectrum lights are yellowish. If you feel that the former leads to headache then go for the latter. It is a personal choice.
    Choose a light box suitable to your needs