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Inner Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On The Side

The shoulder is defined classically as ball and socket joint of the body. The anatomical structure of shoulder is complex characterized by many muscles such as pecs, lats and delts, etc that work in coordination to bring about the movement of the shoulder. Inner shoulder pain is generated from sleeping on the side uncomfortably for a long time and if it continues like this it can get result in a serious and a chronic condition.

Shoulder Pain from Sleeping on the Side

Inner Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On The Side

Shoulder pain can originate from any part linked with the shoulder and this pain travels deep into shoulder if not taken care of. It can initiate from the neck, hand, abdomen or even the chest. The pain that initiates from sleeping on the side is usually referred to as Rotator Cuff Problem. Rotator Cuff tendons are damaged that can cause serious pain; these are more commonly seen in older people aging from 45 to 60 years. The pain initiated due to being a side sleeper may get severe enough to interfere with regular sleep and can be extremely excruciating for the shoulder. To detect the real cause of the pain only MRI can be helpful as x-rays in this case tend to miss the cause of the pain. Continuous pain and interference in sleep can cause other sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Treating the Inner Shoulder Pain

As you have known about the problems that can be initiated while sleeping on the side in shoulders it is important to know how you can cure them. The following list shows how you can manage to get rid of the inner shoulder pain.

  • Special side sleeper pillows (check out the section of side sleeper pillow reviews)
  • Quality mattress
  • Medication
  • Targeted exercises

To get rid of the inner shoulder discomfort you need a proper sleeping package. Side sleeper pillows, fluffy pillows and a good quality mattress can serve the purpose; they will exterminate the shocks or uncomfortable movements during the sleep. Medication can also prove fruitful; you can use anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin and Ibruprofen to relieve pain by reducing inflammation of shoulder muscles. Targeted exercises are extremely helpful in alleviating pain but they must be done under the supervision of professional physiotherapist or trainers. You can also use some help from other relevant online websites and especially discussion forums. Shoulder pain should be taken into consideration seriously because it can initiate series of pains in the body once it gets chronic.

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