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Irregular Menstrual Cycle and Premenstrual Syndrome Caused By Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

A research abstract have shown that women who have delayed sleep phase syndrome, more often than not, report having irregular menstrual cycles together with premenstrual symptoms.

Women need to have enough sleep in order to have a healthy and regular menstrual cycle.

Research on Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

The study on the link between irregular menstrual cycle and premenstrual syndrome with the delayed sleep phase syndrome of women was led by Kari Sveum from the Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. The study focused on 13 females from the control group. All these females are healthy. The other group of 13 females had delayed sleep phase syndrome. The subjects were given questionnaires to answer which were about their menstrual cycle and the other important facts about it.

Results of the Research

The results have shown that twice as many subjects who have delayed sleep phase syndrome had irregular menstrual cycles compared to the healthy women from the control group. For those women who are not using any method of birth control, three times as many subjects with delayed sleep phase syndrome had irregular menstrual cycles, compared to the control group. The common premenstrual syndromes such as mood swings and cramps were reported by 69% of the women with delayed sleep phase syndrome, compared to the 16.67% women from the control group who reported to have premenstrual syndromes.

The Reason Why Women Need To Have Good Sleep

Sleeping is as important as eating healthy foods every day. It is an important aspect in any person’s life. Having a good sleep plays a big part in the well-being of a woman. But there are some instances where the woman has certain life events that prevent her from getting enough sleep. Aside from these life events, the physical and hormonal changes in a woman’s body can also affect her sleep. This is most particular for women after menopause. Insomnia which is related to menopause can occur.

It is recommended for both men and women to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep everyday to achieve a healthy mind and body.

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  1. 2 times more chances for those who had Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome? nuts… you wouldn’t think sleep has any connection with that…