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Light Therapy Lamp | Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device REVIEW

In this article I will review the Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device, discuss its features, pros and cons. In the end I will also provide two equally good alternative light therapy devices.

Features of the Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Lamp at a Glance:

  • Clinical studies using this lamp have proved its efficacy in boosting mood and energy of people. It has also been proven to fight against SAD or Winter Blues.
  • This lamp uses advanced Bluewave technology for quicker results with lowered treatment time.
  • It has a wide field of illumination which allows you to take part in a variety of activities while receiving treatment.
  • Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device Image 1

  • A touchscreen display is present which allows you to change the brightness and time of exposure settings.
  • Has an in build rechargeable battery which allows it to be portable and usable in a variety of locations.
  • No harmful UV rays emission and completely safe to use.
  • Money back guarantee of 45 days.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Official product of the National Sleep Foundation.

The Science Behind Light Therapy:

It has been scientifically proven that sunlight plays a very important role in controlling the hormone release of the body. These hormones control the mood, energy levels of the body. During winter or in places where natural sunlight is low, due to the sub optimal levels of sunlight, hormone release in the body will be harmed. This causes the various symptoms of SAD such as:

  • Irritability
  • Moodiness
  • Depression
  • Low energy levels
  • Tendency to eat more
  • Sleepiness

Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device Image 2

Light therapy involves the artificial exposure to light of the same spectrum as sunlight by using LED’s etc. This light tends to fool the body into releasing the necessary hormones thus removing the above symptoms.

Scientific Evidence of Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device:

A new scientific concept states that the blue spectrum of light which is a part of sunlight is the one which controls the hormone release. Thus if a lamp emits only this spectrum of light, it will have higher efficacy when compared to other lamps which use full spectrum light.

The Philips goLITE BLU Light therapy lamp as the name suggests emits only blue light.

But from my research I have found information which indicates that blue light causes degeneration of the eye cells. However this occurs only if you stare directly into the lamp for prolonged periods over many years. As long as you do not stare directly into the lamp for hours every day, your eye cells should remain healthy.

If you have photosensitive eyes or use medication which causes photo sensitive eyes it would be better if you do not use this device.

Extracts of Customer Feedback for the Philips goLITE BLU Light from Amazon:

Positive Comments:

Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device Amazon buyer feedback chart

  • “I have been using the go lite blue for about a month now… and I am completely convinced of its effectiveness in helping me fight the winter blues… I would recommend this to anyone who has difficulty dealing with the dark winter months”
  • “i’ve been battling sleep issues for many years… i am not a morning person… i don’t think you understand just how badly i suffered trying to get up every day… and this thing fixed it… heck, i woke up today at 6am and worked out for an hour before coming into work.”
  • “Every morning I’d wake up completely exhausted… I’d feel like the living dead until about noon… Well, I’ve been using this light every morning for about 30 minutes for the past two weeks now… The light makes me feel much more awake in the morning… I no longer sleep on the train every morning going to work, I actually read and feel awake… So, I’m sold! I wouldn’t want to live without it ever again.”
  • “My husband uses this for winter blah’s, and I use it for sleep issues… I have been using it for two weeks at full intensity for 20 minutes a day… and I have definitely seen an elevation in my mood and energy… and have had an easier time dropping off to sleep.”

Negative Comments:

  • “I’ve had my light for almost two months… I really like it and it’s very helpful… but I have a serious problem with customer service at Philips which is why I cannot give this product a better review”
  • “Studies have shown that while blue light can improve mood and help adjust circadian rhythms… the cost of blue light is harm to the retina… Be certain that you want to undertake the risks before you use this product.”
  • “consequences of AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) for people who use light therapy can be severe”

Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device Image 3

From my research on the internet, Amazon, customer feedback, forums I have come to the conclusion that this light therapy lamp is very good at its primary purpose of curing the various SAD symptoms and jet lag. The lamp works for most people who purchase it.

The negative comments were due to the customer service at Philips (this was for one buyer alone; the others found the customer service to be relatively good). And the price of this lamp is considerably higher when compared to other products. But the worst comments were due to the use of blue light. While research does indicate degeneration of the eyes over prolonged usage, as I stated before you would have to stare continuously at the blue light for that to occur. Additionally no long term study has been performed which proves that blue light causes complete degeneration.

This device is an all-rounder. It works perfectly, has high efficacy, and is small compact and portable. But if you prefer not to risk the consequences of using blue light alone, prefer a cheaper lamp then a good alternative is the NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp. If you require portability and can afford to pay more for it then the Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device is a good option.

Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp Image 1

Features of the NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp:

  • Emits light equal to a power of 10000lux.
  • Uses light therapy and High Density Negative Ion therapy.
  • Clinically proven to work.
  • One of the cheapest models available in the market.

The NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp is a good option since it is well built, uses both light emission and negative ion release to cure the symptoms of sad and jet lag. However the best part is its cost, currently it is one of the cheapest models on the market and it has been proven to work.

Its only disadvantage is that it is not portable and it requires a power source to function. I you require portability and can pay a little more, then the second alternative is worthy of your time and money.

The Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device:

Features of this lamp:

Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device Image 1

  1. This lamp is the current generation model from Litebook. It features a custom lens, diffusion system along with the traditional high performance LED lenses to provide a uniform field of light which is soothing yet bright.
  2. It has an inbuilt timer with multiple settings of 15,30,45,60 minutes.
  3. No harmful UV rays.
  4. Small and compact design with a weight of only 1.6 pounds.
  5. Custom carrying case is provided.
  6. A 110-240 v Adaptor along with multiple pins for worldwide use is provided.
  7. Emits light equivalent to 10,000 lux.

This is the perfect option for those who travel a lot and require something which is small, portable which can still produce the same intense light of a big light therapy lamp.

Other alternative light therapy lamp choices

Final words on the Light Therapy Lamps

I hope the Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device REVIEW was helpful to you as well as the two alternatives of Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device, NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp. Feel free to go to Amazon and check out products yourself and read more of the reviews from the buyers.