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Light Therapy Lamp | Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device REVIEW

If you suffer from SAD, and are looking for a light therapy device which is highly portable, then the Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Lamp from Litebook is a worthy contender for your money as it is one of the best lamps currently available in the market. I have researched using feedback from Amazon, forums and the internet in general to review this product.

Features of Litebook Elite Hand-Held Lamp

Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device Image 1

  • This lamp is the current generation model from Litebook. It features a custom lens, diffusion system along with the traditional high performance LED lenses to provide a uniform field of light which is soothing yet bright.
  • It has an inbuilt timer with multiple settings of 15,30,45,60 minutes.
  •  A long lasting Lithium Ion battery which is rechargeable.
  • Small and compact design with a weight of only 1.6 pounds.
  • No harmful UV rays.
  • Custom carrying case is provided.
  • A 110-240 v Adaptor along with multiple pins for worldwide use is provided.
  • 60 days money back guarantee and 2 years warranty.
  • Emits light equivalent to 10,000 lux.
  • This lamp has been used in scientific studies which prove its efficacy.

Therapy Lamp Recommended Usage

  • The manufacturers recommend that the lamp should be placed at a distance of 12-24 inches away from the face.
  • It should be placed at an angle of 30-45 degrees (the same way sunlight comes in from a window).
  • The beam of light should be focused on the eyes and your eyes should remain open to achieve maximum benefits. But do not stare into the light for prolonged periods since it can be harmful.
  • The manufacturers suggest usage for 15-30 minutes or till you feel a heightened sense of energy, alertness, and mood.

Science Behind the Light Therapy Lamps

It has been scientifically proven that specific wavelengths of light, present in sunlight play an important role in the release of hormones in the body. These hormones control the mood, energy levels of humans. This light therapy lamp uses special LED’s to emit only those wavelengths of light which are necessary for the human body. That is the Blue and Green wavelengths of light, these when received by the cells in the eye will cause the secretion of hormones.

The scientific community as a whole is divided into two groups. The first believes that the blue wavelength of light helps and should be used in lamps. The second group believes that the blue light should not be used since there is an indication that this specific wavelength of light harms the cells of the eye and causes degeneration over prolonged usage.

As such, if you have a history of eye disease or taking medication which makes you photosensitive, you should contact your ophthalmologist before using this product.

Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device image 2

Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device image 3

Conditions Where Litebook Elite Hand-Held Lamp Can Be Used

  • Jet lag
  • SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Low energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Low mood
  • To correct your sleep-wake cycle

Positive and Negative Comments from Amazon and Verdict

Extracts of the Positive comments:

Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device Amazon feedback chart

  • “I purchased the Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device and Love it…It is light weight, portable, and small in size… Although it is small, it delivers as much light as one of the large desk size units.”
  • “S.A.D. You know it, you feel it, you hate it every year… Well this year was different when we got this bad boy in December… Use it 30minutes in the morning and am extremely satisfied.”
  • “SAD is the absolute worst… I bought the litebook for the few weeks before I’d be able to get medication for the depression… but the light therapy gave me such fantastic results that it’s all I need… I use it for 30 minutes when I first wake up, and I’m more energetic, healthier, and happier”

Extracts from the Negative comments:

  • “great product with one flaw: the battery holds a charge for about an hour’s worth of light. otherwise very nicely designed, well thought out.”
  • “When the bulbs or the battery goes on this device, they can’t be replaced, so the usable life of the device might be shorter than that of other lightboxes.”

My verdict is that the Litebook Elite is a very good lamp which performs its function with high efficiency and efficacy.  The negative comments say that the lamp has a low battery life of one hour, but the lamp requires usage for only 30 minutes a day, so you can use the lamp two times (that is two days since only one 30 minute session is required in one day) without charging before you have to find a power source. So it is not that big of a disadvantage. Second regarding the lack of replaceable battery and light, this product comes with a 2 year warranty, so if anything goes wrong you can easily get it fixed.

This is the perfect option for those who travel a lot and require something which is small, portable which can still produce the same intense light of a big light therapy lamp. However this lamp is much more costly due to its portability. If you do not travel much and are looking for a cheaper option, then other light therapy lamps which are equally good are available.

The Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus and Ion Therapy Lamp is a Good Alternative:

Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp Image 1

This lamp can be used for the same conditions as the Litebook Elite. It uses the same intensity light, is bigger and allows for increased surface area for emission of light.

The Positives:

  • It is one of the cheapest lamps in the market.
  • It emits a light equivalent to 10,000 lux.
  • It combines light therapy and high density negative Ion release for increased efficacy.
  • Clinical Studies show that it works.

The Negatives:

The only negative of the lamp is that because of its bigger size, it is not very portable as the Litebook Elite.

Other alternative light therapy lamp choices

Final words on the Light Therapy Lamps

I hope the Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device REVIEW was useful to you as well as the alternative choice, Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus and Ion Therapy Lamp. Feel free to go to Amazon and check out the products yourself and read more of the reviews from the buyers.


  1. I travel a lot because of my business (I am responsible for a number of countries in my business) and this Litebook Elite Hand-Held Light Therapy Device is perfect for me due to its small size and nice design
    Thanks for the review

  2. I love the Litebook Elite Hand-Held cause of its size its exactly what I needed. Most other lamps are just big and i this one i put next to my laptop like a speaker – works great.

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