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Merits and Demerits of CPAP Machines

The sleep phase for all living creatures should be one of undisputed, sound and deep. It is the relaxing and restorative time for our body that gets rejuvenated and energized after each sleeping period. People who suffer of central sleep apnea (CSA) get deprived of sound sleep due to breathing problems. They breathe shallow or pause to do so for short intervals quite a number of time while asleep. This happen because the brain is unable to send appropriate signals to the muscles that control breathing. One of the cures of CSA is to wear CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines. Let us see how CPAP units provide relief to the patients of central sleep apnea and is it safe?

CPAP machine delivers air at the right pressure through the airway

How Does CPAP Machine Work?

CPAP machines comprise a tiny case that has a motor and a tube. Along with it there is a mask that the patient has to wear over the nose or over both the nose and mouth sometimes. The unit delivers air to the mask at a high pressure and enables the airway to remain open during sleep. It is a noiseless machine and has subtle rhythmic sound that do not interfere with the patient’s sleep. This is the basic design of the machine. You can find those with additional features too like tracking software, heated humidifiers, and power outage backup technology. Patients who were under CPAP masks had good thing to say about it. Their sleep quality improved, felt a burst of positive energy and performance at work was better. CPAP machines cannot be bought over-the counter. You need to have the physicians’ prescription to buy it. Usually a technician from the manufacturing company would come and set it up and show how to use it. He will adjust the pressure optimally according to your needs. The price of CPAP machines will range between $400 and $1500.

Side Effects of CPAP Machines

Most patients who were under CPAP units complained about the discomfort they suffered while sleeping due to it. The common side effects of CPAP machines are skin irritation around the mask area, pain in the head, dry mouth, bloating and dry or blocked nose. However, patients should try their best to get adjusted to the gadget. Do not tie the straps of the mask too tight when you are about to sleep. Use it when you are awake, this will get you accustomed to the new sensation. The CPAP air is dry so buy a machine with humidifier to prevent dry mouth or nose. Always buy mask that best fits your facial contour. These masks come in variety of shapes. Adjust the pressure of the air according to you need. You should also select a sleeping position to prevent bloating of the stomach due to too much air going inside.

Many patients have compained about discomfort of wearing the unit in sleep

Final Words on CPAP Machine  

I hope this article on CPAP machine was useful and wish that all of patients central sleep apnea will achieve the desired outcome after using it.