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What is a Data Capable CPAP Machine?

Planning on purchasing a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea? Confused on the different types of CPAP machines available and wondering what a data capable machine is. This article will shed some light on the subject.

Data Capable Means?

When a CPAP manufacturer states that the CPAP machine is data capable, it means that the CPAP can run software which will track your progress of the treatment along with overall performance in a regular fashion.

What kind of Information Will Be Calculated?

Well depending on the software which your CPAP is running, it will be able to track the following:

View CPAP information on a computer

  • Threshold of usage
  • Score of adherence to treatment
  • Total usage time
  • Usage time on specific days
  • Day count
  • Pressure level
  • Changes in pressure level
  • Time spent by machine in upper levels of pressure
  • Time spent by machine in lower levels of pressure
  • Total number of apneas in one night
  • Number of exhales
  • Leakage amounts

Where Can This Information Be Viewed?

All of the above information can be viewed in two ways:

  1. On-board Display: Certain advanced CPAP machines come with an in-built screen which will allow you to see all of the above information. The best part of this type of machine is that you can regularly upon waking up check on the amount of leakage, number of apneas and other factors which will show you how effective the treatment is for you. Additionally you will easily be able to find any drawbacks and make the necessary corrections.
  2. Smart code:  This is a special code which you will be able to access through the screen on your CPAP machine. When you input this code in your CPAP machine manufacturer’s website, a detailed summary report of all the above factors will be generated.

    A Smart code as seen on a CPAP machine screen

Why Purchase a Data Capable CPAP machine?

When the above information is collected on a regular basis, it will provide your doctor valuable information on how good the treatment is working. Based on the feedback received, the doctor may change the pressure settings and other aspects of the CPAP to make the treatment more effective and efficient. Thus even if these machines and the software package are costly; money spent on them will be well spent. So invest on a data capable CPAP or purchase some CPAP software, you will not regret it.