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The Criteria for Using CPAP on a Plane or While Camping

When you think of a CPAP machine, an image of a heavy and large machine will come to mind. Thankfully today, due to the improvements in technology CPAP machines are becoming smaller and smaller. The major factor which you must look into before purchasing a CPAP for travel will be its weight. A CPAP unit of 3 pounds should be optimum in this aspect. Additionally importance should be given to the battery; it should be light weight, compact and should be able to use the power outlet in different places.

A women using a portable CPAP machine.

When On the Air:

When travelling by air, it is advisable to purchase a battery which is capable of using the special electrical frequency which is usually found on planes. Not all CPAP units will work with this frequency, thus make sure to check with both the airline and the manufacturer of the CPAP. Additionally the battery which you use should be tested for air travel safety by the TSA or Transportation Security Agency.

Planning On Going Camping?

If you are planning on going for a long camp, ensure that the CPAP is small and compact and most importantly light weight. Also ensure that the CPAP is well covered and protected when you are camping. The CPAP machine needs to be protected from the elements of nature such as dust, heat and water to function effectively and efficiently. Additionally try to purchase a CPAP device which supports DC battery input without the need for an inverter. This will save space and lower the overall weight of the apparatus.

CPAP on the Road

CPAP Portable Battery Pack

If you plan on using the CPAP on the road in your car, boat or RV then a heavier CPAP unit can be used. You can even use your regular home CPAP machine with some added battery backup features. In this case, the most important decision is related to the type of battery. You must select from Lead-acid battery (also known as the AGM or glass mat), lithium ion battery. The difference between these two is cost and weight. The lead battery weighs more but the lithium battery is more costly. If budget is not a issue go for the lithium battery, otherwise purchase two small lead batteries, it will be easier to move around since one single large lead battery tends to be very heavy and large.