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The Many Advances in CPAP Therapy

The Advances in CPAP are many and varied. Over the years this machine has been completely changed to increase its efficiency and efficacy while lowering its negatives. If you have seen your father or mother using a CPAP machine to treat their sleep apnea, then you will have noticed many of the negatives of those machines such as:

  • Excessive noise
  • Size and weight

But today thanks to the research and time spent on improving the CPAP machine, all of the above negatives have been removed and additional positive features have been incorporated.

The Different Advances in CPAP

The advances in the CPAP machine can be compared to the advances in the mobile phone!

If today you were to go and purchase the latest CPAP machine from any CPAP manufacturer, you will find the following features in them:

  1. Noise: Unlike machines of the past, the noise levels produced by these new age machines is very low, most machines produce only 26dB-30dB of sound (a whisper will create 30dB of sound). So you and your partner will be able to sleep peacefully every night.
  2. Size: The machines of today are designed better and are made with light weight material. Thus they are smaller in size and weigh lesser. Most of them are easily movable and some CPAP machines which are specially meant to be portable weight only 1 pound.
  3. Pressure settings: Thanks to advances in science, the machines of today can alter their pressure settings according to your need. The Auto-PAP and Bi-PAP machines will allow for a different amount of pressure in the air every time your inhale and every time you exhale. This will increase your comfort levels and allow you to comply with the treatment for better results.
  4. Tracking Software: The CPAPs of today come with inbuilt software which will track your breathing throughout the night. Every single time you stop breathing or if any leakage is present, then it will be noted. Thus you can review your progress and make any changes if necessary.
  5. In-Built Humidifier: Most CPAPs come with an in-built humidifier; this obviates the necessity of purchasing the humidifier as an add-on device thus saving space and money.

The humble CPAP machine can only get better with time, as technology advances, so shall the advances in CPAP shall keep on increasing.