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Non-24 Hour Sleep Wake Syndrome | A Sleep Disorder Difficult To Cure

Non-24 hour sleep wake syndrome is a typical type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder. It is also known as free-running type sleep disorder. This is one of the most comprehensive sleep disorders and it is not so common. It is also a challenge for the doctors as it is one of the most difficult to correct. Our body possesses a circadian clock or internal biological clockthat is scheduled to work for 24 hours but in non-24 hour the circadian clock does not reset and stays beyond a 24 hour schedule up to as dramatic as 72 hour sleep cycle. However, there are only few of them who faced such a long sleep cycle usually it extends to 25 or 26 hour sleep cycle.

Non-24 Hour Is Sometimes As Dramatic As 72 Hour Long Sleep Cycle

People With Blindness Often Suffer From Non-24 Hour Sleep-Wake Cycle

The non-24 hour sleep wake syndrome is found to be most common with people who are having complete blindness. Approximately more than 60% people with acute blindness suffer from this erratic sleep wake cycle. There is a presence of a normal biological clock but lack of light disrupts the normal working of the circadian rhythm. Without light cues there is no reset of the clock and that hampers the sleep-wake cycle of the blind people.

Non-24 Hour Sleep Wake Cycle Cerate Obstructions In Normal Schedule

Non-24 hour sleep wake syndrome often becomes a hindrance to social activities of a person. It becomes next to impossible for a person to work in a normal schedule and attend school or college. People suffering with this chronic disorder often tend to involve themselves towards self employment and distance learning programs to work upon their wish and time. It also gives rise to social distress and depression. In this sleep disorder the main element is the inability of the biological clock to reset itself within the proper schedule but a person does not have inability to sleep and does not suffer from having a good quality sleep.

Non 24-Hour Sleep Disorder – How To Diagnose?

Circadian rhythm non-24 hour sleep disorder can be diagnosed with the help of the following:-

  • Sleep history of the person that he/she has recorded over a period of time in his/her diary.
  • Use of an actigraph that keeps track of the different sleep patterns and circadian rhythm.
  • Investigation through blood and urinary test.

Non-24 hour sleep disorder often follows a pattern of similar common treatments that is used for delayed sleep phase disorder. It includes bright light therapy and use of melatonin medicines.

Seek Medical Assistance And Follow A Proper Treatment To Cure Non-24 Hour Sleep Wake Cycle

Combination Of Flurazepam As An Effective Medicine

It is always advised to improve your sleep hygiene habits to control and regulate your sleep wake cycle.  There are some cases in which a patient was treated with a combination of Flurazepam that act as a good sedative. But it’s not necessary that this will give a relief to everyone, always seek a medical assistance and proper treatments prescribed by the doctor. It is usually a long time treatment as the work here is to activate the reset power of the circadian rhythm which takes a bit long time and give you a stress free life from non-24 hour sleep wake sleep disorder.