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RemZzz CPAP Mask Liner Review

This is a review of the Remzzz CPAP mask liner. I will be highlighting all of its characteristic features and also be giving a final verdict based on customer reviews and my own research.

Why Use the RemZzz CPAP Mask Liner?

The RemZzz CPAP Mask Liner

Waking up to red sores on your nose and puffy eyes caused due to leakage of pressurized air? The reason this occurs is because of the reaction between the silicone cushion of most CPAP masks and the skin of your face. The Remzzz CPAP mask liner will effectively create a separation between the silicone and your skin, thereby protecting your skin without any loss of the efficacy or efficiency of the CPAP mask. Additionally since most leakage of air occurs in the mask, this liner also reduced the leakage. This product fits the following CPAP masks:

  • Resmed uattro
  • Resmed ultra mirage
  • Respironics comfort gel
  • Respironics comfort full

Highlights of the RemZzz CPAP Mask Liner

  • Reduces the amount of air leaks from the CPAP mask
  • Allows you to use different night time bed products
  • Effectively stops or prevents sores and redness on your nose
  • Prevents irritation of your nose
  • Pressure related marks are also prevented
  • Keeps your CPAP mask clean from the oils from your face
  • Hold your mask in place
  • Allows you to get a good night’s sleep
  • Sample pack of 6 liners available for trial

Customer Feedback for the RemZzz CPAP Mask Liner from

Amazon and Forums

Positive Feedback:

Customer Feedback for the Remzzz Cpap Mask Liner

  • “I was skeptical when I saw these, but I was desperate to find a better fit for my CPAP mask… These RemZzzs didn’t let me down!… I highly recommend these to all CPAP mask wearers.”
  • “Last night I tried REMZZYS for the first time… I have had a Mirage Quattro for about three weeks and last night was the best nights sleep since I got it… I slept soundly and dry.”
  • “I was actually with my medical supply guy when I asked about something to help with the seal… So my Rep doubtfully produced the Remzzzs… I haven’t had a leak since!… These little buggers are worth the money!”
  • “These liners worked for me from the first time I tried them… Noisy air leaks are greatly reduced… and I am sleeping much better.”
  • From answers.sleepfoundation forums “I tried the REmZzzs last night and I am hooked… no red marks on my nose, no leaking, no noise… Wonderful product!!! … The answer to my problem!!!”

Negative comments:

  • “I thought perhaps adding the liner for the occasional night when the noise and leaks bother me but they made things much worse.”

Only one negative comment was there in Amazon for this product. Additionally the above comment poster does not elaborate as to WHY the product made things worse for him. Lastly all the other reviews are positive.

Final Verdict on the RemZzz CPAP Mask Liner

From my research I have found that the RemZzz CPAP mask liner is a great product which effectively reduces leakage, red sores and skin irritation. The only negative of the product which I could find was its cost, the mask liner while a bit expensive is very useful and it will allow you to sleep peacefully. A solution to this is to wash the liner after one use; while this will change the shape a little it will still be reusable one more time. This trick will increase the life of the line by 50%. Other than that, the product has no negatives and has gotten great buyer feedback reviews. This RemZzz CPAP mask liner is truly worth your hard earned money, happy sleeping.