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Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask Review | CPAP Mask Reviews

I will be reviewing the Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask in the following paragraphs. I will elaborate all of the positives and negatives of the mask and follow them up with a final verdict.

Criteria’s of a Good CPAP Mask

A good CPAP mask is one which is extremely comfortable, designed well, durable, easy to use, and one which offers high functionality and yet does not leak i.e. a mask which performs the function for which it has been designed with high efficiency and efficacy.

What is the Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask?

The Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask is a no frills mask from CPAP manufacturer Respironics. In terms of design and functionality it is similar to its more advanced brother the Respironics Profile Light CPAP Mask. But because it is cheaper, it does not offer a custom fit for people. While it has been designed to fit most people, it cannot offer perfect comfort to anyone. The manufacturer promises “comfort, low leakage and high functionality in a no frills package”, but in truth the mask fails to deliver on all of the above promises.

This mask may work perfectly for you (and I completely respect that), but if you have not used this mask before then read on to find out why this mask may not work perfectly for you.

A great mask is one which will perfectly balance comfort and leakage; this is where the Comfort Classic comes short. At times when the comfort is high, the mask will leak and when the mask does not leak the comfort is low. Basically the seal is small and not sufficient to prevent leakage, this requires additional pressure to be placed on the face by increasing the tension of the headgear which results in red spots, marks.

Other than that, this CPAP mask is made of latex, is reasonably noise free when breathing with Velcro strips used to keep the mask in place.

Positives and Negatives of the Mask


The Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask

  • Simple design
  • Forehead support lowers overall pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Cheap


  • Balance between comfort and seal is not great
  • Comfort levels are not very high
  • Noise levels are only reasonably low

Final Verdict on the Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask

At the end it would be better if you tried the mask before purchasing one. If it works for you, Great! However if you find that it does not then you should look elsewhere. While the Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask does get the job done, it does so in a moderate manner. It is not a great mask in anyway and I will rate it an average mask which offers moderate comfort and usability.

Final Words on the Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask

I hope my review of the Respironics Comfort Classic Nasal CPAP Mask was helpful to you. Feel free to visit Amazon to read more about the product.