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Sleep Deprivation Symptoms | Identification and Cure

Sleep Deprivation is a problem that afflicts many people; however it can be cured if the sleep deprivation symptoms are identified at an early state. It is defined simply as the lack of peaceful sleep. Sleep is both a necessity and a luxury. For those who can get a peaceful night’s sleep, it is the best gift in the world. World over no matter ones caste, religion or age sleep is a gift. It offers a way to completely let go of everyday stress, tension and wake up rejuvenated in both mind and body.

Sleep deprivation symptoms are varied and show themselves in different forms in each human being. One may encounter symptoms such as aching muscles, different levels of depression, hallucinations, memory loss and lapses, painful headaches, bags under the eye, bloodshot eyes, dark circles, blood pressure rise, irritability, yawning, temper, weight loss or gain, change in ones personality, bad concentration, tiredness and even psychosis in bad cases.

The positives and negatives of sleep deprivation symptoms

The plethora of symptoms has its positives and its negatives. The negative aspect is that sleep deprivation symptoms written above do not occur in all patients, each and every human being is different and because of this the sleep deprivation symptoms are also varied. But the positive is that since such a plethora of symptoms exist, one can easily identify a problem when it appears. And this early identification allows for easy treatment. While sleep is a gift meant to be enjoyed, many people cannot make optimum use of this gift due to various reasons. Depending on the reason sleep deprivation disorders are broadly classified into four groups, sleep deprivation due to different biological factors, lifestyle choices, side effects due to medication and lastly clinical disorders.

Acute and chronic sleep deprivation

This problem is divided into two basic types, chronic sleep deprivation and acute sleep deprivation. Acute deprivation occurs for a short duration of time, while side effects will be present, they are not life threatening. On the other hand chronic sleep deprivation has severe consequences such as heart attacks and other problems, injury from accidents, poor quality of life and obesity. These chronic sleep deprivation symptoms while harmful to one’s health are easy to isolate and cure with the proper treatment by a professional.

About sleep deprivation treatments

Sleep deprivation treatments are varied. Different doctors prescribe different treatments based on the sleep deprivation symptoms identified. They range from simple lifestyle adjustments such as lowering caffeine intake, food and drinks consumed before sleep, removal of TVs computers and other distraction and changing the environment of the room where one sleeps to make it more cool, dark and comfortable. Other sleep deprivation treatments in case of both acute and chronic sleep deprivation are sleeping pills taken at regular intervals, nasal sprays, surgery and hypnosis is sometimes used but in extreme cases a specially designed treatment program by a professional sleep specialist is used to overcome the problem.

The treatments are varied and different, but with the right treatment one will easily be able to overcome the problem and experience a good night’s sleep. All this is possible only if one can first identify the sleep deprivation symptoms while the problem is still in its beginning stages.

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  1. One of the main sleep deprivation symptoms for me is being really moody or sad or depressed. I am almost always like that if I didn’t get enough sleep for some time.