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Sleep Innovations Pillows | Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow REVIEW

Sleep innovations memory foam pillow naturally modifies itself depending on your body weight as well as temperature. It assumes the shape of your head, neck and also the shoulders, which results in a custom build unique for your body support. Because your body rests comfortably in its position it is less likely to change position and therefore this pillow prevents rolling from one sleeping position to another. This is naturally very beneficial for people who snore on their backs and can use this pillow to sleep on their side. Furthermore, its orthopaedic design provides spinal alignment which promotes the enlargement of air passages – this in itself can stop your snoring.

Next we look at the positive feedback and after, the negative feedback and conclusion.

Sleep innovations pillows’ positive feedback

  • “I take it everywhere I go! This is the best pillow I have ever had. I would highly recommend this pillow!”
  • “Happy with pillow. I am happy to have found this pillow!”
  • “Like sleeping on a cloud! This pillow is very comfortable and the same quality as pillows twice the price.”

Actually I think the section on positive feedback of the sleep innovations memory foam pillow will have to be somewhat short and the reason is that such a huge majority of people are just saying that is it great and are so happy with it. As you can see on the graph on the right side a whopping 71% of buyers love the pillow and give it their high recommendation. This is a very high percentage in my experience when so many people have made reviews of the product.

Memory foam pillow negative feedback

“Terrible (new pillow) smell.”

The first negative issue noticed with this pillow is the bad smell it has when it is freshly bought and opened. It can take several days of airing the pillow for the smell to go away, which is obviously annoying for people and definitely an area that Sleep Innovations can work on to improve their pillows. That said, if the pillow solves your snoring or other problems, I suppose even a week of airing would be worth it.

“Not for petite people/lightweight heads.”

This next point is more of a concern and it especially applies to smaller or, more correctly said, lighter people. It seems, as the body needs to teach the pillow the correct contour shape, it needs to have some weight behind it and there seems to be some evidence that more gentle lighter persons are having trouble with this and instead their neck ends up at a less pleasant angle which can create neck pain after sleeping.

“It takes some getting used to.”

The pillow does have a different shape than usual pillows and most people have only experienced regular pillows, so it is clear that it may be uncomfortable for some people to begin using a new pillow with a strange shape. I suppose it comes down to advantages and disadvantages. Let’s say it takes 2 weeks to get used to this new pillow – is 2 weeks of mild discomfort worth solving your snoring, insomnia, neck pain? I think it is.

Sleep innovations memory foam pillow conclusion

From all the research I have picked one quote to describe the conclusion of this Sleep innovations memory foam pillow and it is: “This is a good pillow but SMELLY.” The pillow clearly does a fantastic job as we can see the vast majority of 71% of buyers highly appreciate and recommend the pillow, however, it is also true that there is a consensus between most of the people about the bad smell of this pillow and although I am certain Sleep Innovations pillows will improve of this in the future, we have to deal with this today and I think it is safe to say that since the pillow is solving serious problems you are having a few days, a week or whatever is necessary to air the pillow is well worth the benefits it is giving to your health.

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Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam PillowBed Pillows)

Other side benefits

  • This pillow is also applicable for allergic people due to its hypoallergenic nature.
  • Can provide relief from snoring, insomnia, neck pain and stress
  • There is a limited 5 year warranty (made in USA)