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Symptoms of Exploding Head Syndrome | Sleep Disorders

Exploding head syndrome is one of the less documented types of sleep disorders. Exploding head syndrome is considered to be a rare type of parasomnia. Parasomnia is an unwanted event that happens while a person is asleep, which includes sleep walking, myoclonic jerks, and night terrors or sleep terrors. Exploding head syndrome is characterized by a loud noise or sound that happens to originate from inside the head. People suffering from this medical condition find it terrifying. No matter what type of sleep disorders a person is suffering from, may it be exploding head syndrome or not, getting a disrupted normal sleep cycle can have bad effects to one’s health and may put a person at risk for developing other medical conditions.

Woman Suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome

Sleep Disorders: Exploding Head Syndrome Causes

Exploding syndrome is one of the many sleep disorders that has no known specific cause. However, doctors, psychologists and other medical professionals believe that exploding head syndrome can be possibly caused by several events and factors, which include:

  • Stressful Events
  • Over Fatigue
  • Damage to the Temporal Lobe of the Brain
  • Nerve Cells in the brain are damaged
  • Movement of the middle ear in a sudden and quick motion

Sleep Disorders: Symptoms of Exploding Head Syndrome

Every person with sleeping disorders, specifically exploding head syndrome, describes the medical condition different from another person suffering from exploding head syndrome. Some people say that it consists of a very loud sudden noise that occurs right before falling asleep, and some say that they experience loud sudden noise when the wake up in the middle of the night. Although exploding head syndrome does not have any physical trauma or physical pain present, it can still leave a person anxious and scared for another attack to happen. Most people suffering from one of the less documented sleep disorders, exploding head syndrome, describe the condition to be a:

  • Loud Bang that is Painless
  • Very Loud Bomb Explosion
  • Clash of Cymbals

Common Symptoms of Exploding Head Syndrome: Sleep Disorders

As mentioned above, exploding head syndrome usual symptoms include loud bang, bomb explosion, and clash of cymbals. Aside from the 3 mentioned, there have been reports by people who suffered from one of the most uncommon sleep disorders, that there are still other symptoms that can happen, such as:

  • Gunshot
  • Rocks falling
  • Waves hitting against rocks
  • Buzzing sounds
  • Things banging

Any type of sleep disorders, may it be exploding head syndrome or not, should be reported to your doctor or physician. Sleep disorders are not supposed to be taken for granted, for sleep disorders can cause bad effects to anyone’s health and overall wellbeing.