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The North American Healthcare CPAP Hose Holder Review

In the following paragraphs of this article I will be reviewing a CPAP hose holder from North American Healthcare.

Why Use CPAP?

If you suffer from sleep apnea where in an obstruction in the air passageway prevents you from breathing freely and continuously, your doctor would have suggested the use of a CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure machine. This machine works by pumping pressurized air in to the air passageway to keep it open. Thus it will save you from other conditions caused by sleep apnea such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart Attack
  • Depression
  • Moodiness etc

CPAP is currently the safest, most effective non-surgical treatment for sleep apnea.

Why Use the CPAP Hose Holder JB5651 from North American Healthcare?

CPAP Hose holder being used

The major problems which most people commonly face while starting treatment with a CPAP machine are:

  • The hose gets entangled
  • Inability to breathe because of the mask
  • Movement while sleeping moves the hose and subsequently the mask

From the above problems, two can be easily removed by using the CPAP Hose Holder JB5651. This product is simply designed to keep your CPAP machines tubing tangle free. Additionally it will also keep it free and out of your way when you move during your sleep. Its highlights are:

  • Small and portable
  • Has an adjustable arm which moves along with your movement while sleeping
  • Allows you to sleep safely and soundly
  • Keeps your CPAP tubing tangle free
  • Can be used besides your bed, on your headboard etc

Final Verdict on the CPAP Hose Holder JB5651

Amazon Customer Feedback

Positive Customer Feedback:

  • “This is a sturdy, heavier weight unit I use as home as opposed to a lighter weight unit I use when I travel… It takes all loads imposed on it and works well… makes sleeping with a CPAP mask much easier… allowing more movement of the head.”
  • “What a relief! This is a great product….I no longer have to struggle throughout the night by being encumbered with the hose… I toss and turn often and no longer awaken to fix the hose or realign the nose piece… Am extremely glad to have made this purchase.”

Negative customer feedback:

    • “The picture of this item made it look like it’s a sturdy stand that can hold an air hose and deal with a small amount of movement…Imagine lead pencils connected together to form a pole… that is exactly what this is…This thing is definitely not made for what they sell it for”
    • “This unit falls apart all the time while I am sleeping… It constantly pulls apart and has no strength… Wish I had never bought it”
    From my research on forums, Amazon customer feedback and the internet in general I have found that the product is cheap, and performs the function for which it has been designed effectively and efficiently.

There are a few users who have complained that the product is designed badly, that the product has no sturdiness or strength. But the majority are happy with the product and have stated that it works for them. Maybe they received faulty products I have no way of proving this. But it is very cheap and if it works for you it will remove some major problems which otherwise may cause you to stop treatment itself. So I would suggest you to buy it and try it, a few dollars is a small price to pay for a good nights sleep.