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What is Social Jet Lag?

Some people have different sleep patterns on the weekends as compared to the working week this condition is termed as Social Jet Lag. This condition is quite harmful and a big reason for getting overweight and obese. This is because late hours promote late night eating and irregular meal time, allowing difficulty to digest and metabolize food. Also, people who are sleep deprived are more likely to have caffeine and alcohol harmful for the health. To avoid this, it is important to understand this condition and the ways through which we can avoid it.

Define Social Jetlag

Human bodies run of a particular rhythm involving brain, muscles, digestion, metabolism and sleep ability. As our circadian rhythms are out of the sync due to the hectic schedule we just want to relax during the weekends. According to the researchers in Europe, this condition is the discrepancy between your social clock and natural body clock. If you are depending on an alarm clock to wake up in the morning on the week days, but sleeping on weekends, that’s a perfect example of a mismatch. This mismatch results in shuttling back of the body and the forth between the time zones every week while you are becoming progressively more sleep depressed. Today, this condition has become more common among people because of late working hours and spending maximum time on the computer screen. Rather than listening to our psychological clock, we are following our social clock, results a greater sleep gap referred as ‘Social Jet Lag.’

Discrepancy Between Your Social Clock And Natural Body Clock

How to Avoid Social Jet lag?

There is a huge difference between how to avoid jet lag and social jetlag. Both are comparatively different. Avoiding this condition is not very difficult if you stick to a particular routine or time table regularly. You should not break your routine thinking that you do not have to rush on work and so forth. On weekend also, follow your routine just like other day, so your body will get habitual of it and you can avoid social jet lag to a large extent.

The only common thing between these two types of jet lags is both are linked with your sleep pattern so make sure to execute a proper change in your sleep pattern. This could help you to avoid any negative effect on your health and allow you to adjust accordingly. A disturbed sleep schedule is not healthy for your health and mind so for that it is vital to get it checked properly for an expert physician. However, after noticing the first sign of social jet lag, it is vital to make small changes in your routine for effective results.