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Teens Who sleep In On Weekends Risk Monday Jet Lag

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder – A Curse For Teens

Social jet lag is a certain effect of circadian rhythm sleep disorder and if your teens are showing signs of social jet lag, then certainly circadian rhythm sleep disorder will be backing this issue. Therefore, immediately take up right steps to correct this circadian rhythm in your teens. There must be some reasons causing this issue, so first find them and then work in those issues. This is the only way by which you can keep your teens away from the issues like social jet lag. This article will bring some effects of social jet lag on teens, causing by sleeping on irregular schedule on Weekends.

What Makes Monday Sluggish For Teens

The difference in sleep patterns usually is the reason of social jet lag. It happens between constant weekdays and weekend.  Such changed shift is the biggest reason that makes Monday sluggish. Most of the teens use to stay up late night and due to waking up at night, they sleep longer time in the morning by which their entire weekday schedule gets disturbed. This way, they find difficulty in waking up in the morning and same shift change continues till Monday morning which ultimately causes sluggish Monday for teens.

Social Jet Lag Puts Negative Impact On Memory

What Makes Monday Sluggish For Teens

Undoubtedly, social jet lag has some unfavorable side effects that teens have to suffer even if there is minor shift change. In these side effects, memory problem is one of them. Teens who suffer from social jet lag cannot concentrate on their studies and their memory gets also weak. This changed sleep pattern causes groggy feeling to teens on Monday morning. It is found by a study about circadian rhythm sleep disorder and social jet lag, that the reaction over a bulls eye over screen gets slower in morning time in comparison to the evenings, particularly in teens with sleeping in weekends.

Impact Of Social Jet Lag Stays Till Wednesday

However the effects of social jet lag in teens are quite strong and unpleasant, yet it does not go quickly by the end of the Monday. It stays for some days. After experimenting over some teens, it is found that the impact of social jet lag lasts till Wednesday and thus, teens have to suffer on weekdays due to their sleepy weekends. Some teens start taking caffeine etc. to become active, though it comes in negative form by causing some other ailments to users. Therefore, sleeping in on weekends is highly risky for teens.

Enjoy Weekends But Don’t Break Your Sleeping Patterns

After going through such hazardous consequences of social jet lag, you must have understood how critical condition can be for teens if they distract from their regular sleeping pattern. Disturbing circadian rhythm, they invite social jet lag to their life and thus, a sleepy weekend affects entire weekdays for teens.